For the Cost of Just Under $100, You Too Can Take Crappy Photos With Your Canon DSLR



Previously, one was able to adapt Diana F+ and Holga lenses onto their Canon DSLR. But now, you can get a whole Holga filter kit, shoot in Auto, and get crappy photos too! Holga’s Lo-Fi aesthetic isn’t really for everyone, but masters can actually create some extremely visually stunning work with it. No word on a Holgaroid setup yet though.

Now, does this look familiar to you at all? It should, because it seems that the original concept was for the iPhone, but now adapted to Canon DSLRs and given a price bump.

The product listing states that this can fit any Canon DSLR, which also means that the full frame crowd can take advantage of this little plastic toy. However, part of the joys of using a holga is shooting 120 film and not knowing what you’ll get. If the photo snob in you can get over that, then spring for this.

Via Canon Watch [fancycrave via designyoutrust]