Lomography’s New Lomokino Accessories Let You Flash People; Then Record Their Reactions

The Lomography company announced the Lomokino a while ago. The little movie making camera has become so successful now that they’re announcing new accessories for it. First off, the camera can now have a grip attaching onto the bottom. In some ways, the grip looks inspired by old Super 16mm camcorders; most famously the Bolex. Then there is something else that’s pretty darned cool. The company has outed Fritz the Blitz 2.0; and the main feature is a quicker recycle time designed specifically for the Lomokino. I own Fritz V 1.0 (originally designed for La Sardina), and he is indeed a bit slow to recharge. The new flash runs on one 3V battery, has a Guide Number 16 meters and offers adjustable output at 1/1, 1/2, 1/8, and 1/16  which the company is branding as, “LomoKino mode.”

As far as I go, the only thing I could see making this a much more stable unit is the inclusion of some sort of viewfinder that lets you hold it closer to your body.

How much will these puppies go for? You can snag Fritz the Blitz 2.0 for $69.00 and the Lomokino Handgrip for a cool $14.90.