Sony Shows You the DSLR Owners That You Want to Punch in the Face; But Gives Them a Dreamy Australian Accent

Recently, Sony launched their DSLR No Idea campaign to mockingly show you just how clumsy some people can be with their DSLRs. The intent is to ultimately get people over to mirrorless cameras.

But they’ve now taken to the streets again and surveyed people who shoot with DSLRs. According to Petapixel, many people who own one don’t taken them off of auto. As a New Yorker, an Editor who does customer service for readers every day, and a former employee of B&H Photo, I can say with solid experience that there are so many people out there who shoot with DSLRs and don’t know how to use them.

As a consumer advocate though, it’s quite sickening to see people who purchase something and refuse to take full advantage of the capabilities. I personally see it as someone buying a Mustang to drive through bumper to bumper traffic on a freeway in an overpopulated city. We can blame this on advertising though; as companies always tell people that in order to get better images they can just buy a DSLR and shoot in auto. My only hope is that they have the customer service to aid in something like that.