ONA Continues to be the Sexiest Thing in Photography Bags Ever

One thing about photographers is that we are a visual bunch. Always on the lookout for things that intrigue us, our physical clothing style and accessories are something that we are always aware of, that is if you aren’t Bill Cunningham. While he is content with one particular style of his utilitarian garb, he is always watching what other people are wearing, which is yet again a testament to this. If he saw someone in the streets of NYC carrying this bag, I promise it would catch his eyes. Above is the updated Italian Leather Brixton, there are also two new women’s bags: the Palma and Chelsea. Forget the Kelly Moore bags, these are serious shooter’s accessories that command respect and the price tag that accompanies them.

There is also a beautiful new strap to chain your favorite image capturing device to your person, the Lima.

If you would like to update your carrying method for your photowalks, check these new bags out at ONA’s online store for instant purchasing pleasure.

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