Olympus and Sony To Collaborate on Point and Shoots?; No Word on Micro Four Thirds/NEX Yet

We’ve all seen the news of Sony becoming Olympus’s largest shareholder. But with that in place, who knows what will happen to the two companies? More specifically, how will they work together?

After contacting Olympus for commentary, we received news of possible collaboration on point and shoots.


Here’s how the email transaction happened:


The Phoblographer: Well I know it’s very early yet and we all know that Olympus has purchased Sony sensors for the OMD and therefore the new pens.

What I’m getting at then is this: has there perhaps been some sort of proposed roadmap, like sharing EVF technology, sensor tech, focusing algorithms, Sony’s TruBlack screen tech etc.

Also how does this affect the Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds coalition?

Jennifer Colucci of Olympus: …The business and capital alliances are expected to allow the two companies to combine Olympus’ lens and optical technologies, as well as the strength of its brand and R&D, with Sony’s broad range of technologies including digital imaging technologies and apply them in the rapidly growing medical market. In addition, Olympus and Sony plan to explore opportunities for collaboration between their respective camera businesses including transactions involving core components primarily for compact digital cameras, with the aim of enhancing the corporate value of each company.

We have not received a proposed roadmap or any information related to the development of future products, however, it is our understanding that the collaboration between Olympus and Sony in the imaging business with point-and-shoot cameras. There are currently no plans for changes to the Four Thirds/Micro Four Thirds coalition.


It would be interesting to see Zukio glass in front of more Sony sensors or perhaps Zeiss glass in an Olympus point and shoot.