Useful Photography Tip #35: How To Use The Rogue Gels To Simulate an Acid Trip

Take a good look at the photo above: there are four flashes in place. One on the right, two right in front of Avi and one on the chair on the left of the photo. The Rogue Gels were sent to me a while ago but I never had a really cool and creative idea to use them until I started to build my use of multiple flashes. Currently, I use two flashes on radio triggers with the other two being set to slave mode and being set off by those on radio triggers. Each flash in the photo was then gelled a different color.

To make the absolute best of the situation, I resorted to my old technique taught back in cinematography school: use one light at a time. So I set one flash off at a time and adjusted the intensity of each as the power steadily built up. Thankfully, Avi is one patient dude.

Check out the two results after the jump.

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