Review: M.I.C. All-in-One Card Reader For iPad

A short while ago MIC announced an all-in-one card reader for iPad. I have owned the Apple camera connection kit since the iPad first came out and it has served its purpose very well. My problem with it is that there is no CF card support. The lack of CF slot would make me tether my camera to the iPad and so it would cause downtime. Since this card reader features CF I can now continue to shoot while my iPad imports the photos.

I spend some time with the All-in-one card reader and here are my thoughts.


– The New Card Reader now comes with SD, CF, microSD card slots and a USB port
– Supports 600X CF Cards and Class 10 / UHS-I SD Cards
– Improved reading speed and the initial time taken to load the device
– Added OPTIONAL extra power input port to support all kinds of cards / external devices when the voltage given by the iPad is not enough

Supported Cards
Tested to support 600X CF Cards and Class 10 / UHS-I SD Cards.

Supported Devices
– iPad
– iPad 2
– The New iPad

Compared to Apple Camera Connection Kit

Speed from an SD card feels the exact same between the two card readers; if there is a difference it’s minimal. I was worried about the build quality because I was unfamiliar with the company but rest assured that the unit is very sturdy and very close to the build of the apple reader. I flexed the reader as much as I would expect and it holds up, it’s very well made. The size of the M.I.C. reader is about the same size as both of the Apple readers side by side.


Overall very easy to use and when a SD or CF card is inserted the reader has very little movement from the dock connection. Memory cards are easily glided into place and with a little bit of the iPad holding the unit in place the card is easily pushed in. AS far as I can tell everything works identical to the Apple Camera Connection Kit.


There were efforts in the past for figuring out how to overcome the power limitations that are in place by Apple on the iPad by plugging in a memory card reader. These standard memory card readers always displayed an error on the iPad related to too much power draw. M.I.C. has been able to figure out a way to get CF cards to work and I am very grateful for that. The product  works very well and as a photographer who uses CF cards it is my only option. In conclusion if you shoot SD and don’t see yourself buying a CF memory card camera stick with the Apple Camera Connection Kit, If you shoot CF this is a very easy product to recommend and will not let you down.

You can purchase the All-in-one Card Reader here. M.I.C Gadget also offers a full review of the product including import times and speed tests on their site here.

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