3 Versatile Zoom Lenses For Photowalking Under $500

Fast primes are great and all, but sometimes you just need a solid all-in-one lens to throw on your body that allows you to be versatile in your shooting without having to fumble around with switching lenses and missing shots. It’s easy to forget that the world is not just about super fast F/1.4 primes and F/2.8 zooms, and contrary to what some pixel peeping snobbery may lead you to believe, there are actually some killer all-in-one lenses out there that offer both versatility and an an acceptable level of quality – and they are fairly affordable as well.

We took a gander through our reviews index and have pulled this list of the 3 best versatile zoom options for under $500. These are just a few of what we recommend you consider if you are in the market for a good and affordable zoom for your next Photo Walk.

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Review: Olympus Stylus XZ-2

Advanced compact cameras have really become one of the “key products” for camera manufactures over the past few years. With today’s tech, manufactures can cram quite a bit of functionality into a relatively compact package. Olympus had an instant hit when they released the XZ-1 as it was a small camera with lots of features and fast/bright zoom lens. The XZ-1 is the perfect travel companion for anyone that wanted to leave their interchangeable lens kit at home. Olympus recently released the successor to the XZ-1, the XZ-2 (I’m starting to see a pattern here) but the competition has grown since the release of the XZ-1. So, can the XZ-2 stave off the competition and remain a solid option for advanced compact users? Continue reading to find out.


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Review: M.I.C. All-in-One Card Reader For iPad

A short while ago MIC announced an all-in-one card reader for iPad. I have owned the Apple camera connection kit since the iPad first came out and it has served its purpose very well. My problem with it is that there is no CF card support. The lack of CF slot would make me tether my camera to the iPad and so it would cause downtime. Since this card reader features CF I can now continue to shoot while my iPad imports the photos.

I spend some time with the All-in-one card reader and here are my thoughts.

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