Useful Photography Tip #11: Use Belts to Fit a Shoot Through Umbrella To a Flash

We love, love, love our lighting modifiers here at The Phoblographer. We also love hacks. The other day while on a gig, I was trying to figure out how to use a shoot through umbrella with my speedlite. Because I didn’t have the correct bracket with me, I needed to improvise.

Using a Rogue Flash Bender and a rubber band, I was able to develop a great setup to use a shoot through umbrella.

This is how it’s done: you’ll need to slip the rubber band over the flash head first. Then slip the umbrella under the band and through a good way.

Then, you’ll need to carefully hold the package and attach the Rogue Flash Bender onto the head for extra security. You can then tilt the bender upward to essentially not affect the light output and set the bender to only hold the umbrella in place.

Since a shoot through umbrella generally needs to be aimed directly at your subject, you’ll have no trouble at all keeping the flash head in the downward position and your umbrella will be nice and even.

And just like that, you’re ready to shoot.

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Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.