(UPDATED) Which One is Which? Sony NEX 5N vs Canon 5D Mk II

Recently at a concert in Brooklyn, I took the Sony NEX 5n and 50mm f1.8 along for a ride. Since I needed my 5D Mk II and 85mm f1.8 that day as well, they just happened to be on me at the time. During the concert, I got curious about their performance against one another and shot the following two photos. Can you discern which is which?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Photo 1 is from the Sony NEX 5n and Photo 2 is from the Canon 5D Mk II. The hints: Canon renders warmer images out of the box plus it did indeed misfocus in such low lighting conditions. The center focusing point is its strongest one. The NEX 5n nailed it in low light. Part of it also has to do with the focal lengths.

Gear Used

Canon 5D Mk II

Canon 85mm f1.8

Sony NEX 5n

Sony 50mm f1.8 (NEX)


Both images were shot from approximately the same area and I tried to capture essentially the same scene. They were exposed with the same settings and focused on the same spot (ISO 800, 1/100th at f2.) Amazingly, the NEX 5n’s LCD showed me a much better image than the 5D Mk II’s LCD showed me. When brought into Lightroom 4 though, the truth came out: the images looked remarkably similar.

They were sized down to 2MB files and placed down below for your observation. No edits were done to the images at all.


Photo 1

Photo 2

Which one is which, can you tell? Let us know in the comments below. No peaking at the EXIF data. We’ll eventually reveal which one is which.

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