Hands On: Datacolor Spyder Color Calibrator for Apple iPad

During Photo Plus Expo 2011, we got a live demo of the Datacolor Spyder color calibration system for the Apple iPad. I’ve known monitors, televisions and other displays to be color calibrated, but I never thought of calibrating an iPad. However, it makes total sense since many photographers use them to display their portfolios or even on shoots as a monitor.

Take a look at the demo video after the jump.

The Spyder has been a color calibration system that many photographers have used. Our own Mike Pouliot loves his. If you don’t think you need to calibrate your monitor, think again. Keep this in mind when you go to show your portfolio of work off to a client.

I recently saw David calibration a projector screen with the Spyder. It was quite a sight to see and there were dramatic differences in the original and calibrated screen. Though calibration is mostly used for making prints in the photo industry, it’s also important for you to achieve the best images you can so that when they go out into the internet, they’ll generally look the best they can.

Try it: look at an image on a computer in your house and if you have another computer around take a look at the same image. The contrast, saturation, etc will be different. There are variable factors as well such as the contrast ratio.

We will be requesting a unit for review soon, so stay tuned.

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