The Phoblographer’s Flickr Group Round Up: Super Moon!

Full Moon

As promised yesterday on our Facebook and Twitter, here are featured photos from our Flickr group showing off last night’s super moon. At the end of the posting, you’ll see my own photos. Admittedly, I did no justice to the moon and maybe you guys could teach me a thing or two since I’m mostly photographing people. Let us know your secrets in the comments below and feel free to join our group.

Hover over each photo to see who shot it and then feel free to leave them a comment!

Bad moon rising

Dark Light



Super Moon Triad

Super Moon


Full moon 19/03/2011

So what gear did people use to get these shots? It looks like the Nikon D3, Pentax K-x, Nikon D7000, Canon EOS 5D Mark IIand Nikon D90are the champs here.

Me? I used the Canon T3i.

Chris Gampat

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