Field Review: Sony a580 (Day 5)

Sony a580

One of the many reasons I bought the a580 was its video capabilities. I wanted solid all-in-one camera that worked with Minolta glass without a hitch. The NEX need not apply. As I’ve explored the a580, I did shoot some videos.The a580 comes with a dedicated video button to the immediate right of the viewfinder. But, you must be ready to go because once the mirror flips up and the viewfinder closes, the camera begins recording immediately. Keep your hand on the focusing ring of whatever lens you’re using. Chances are you’ll be slightly out of focus. I know I have been.

For the purposes of showing the a580‘s capabilities out of camera, the videos were shot in full HD and uploaded straight to Youtube without editing.

This video was taken the Women on the Loose concert at Union Hall last year. The concert was the subject of my second post in this a580 series. Videos shot with the a580 are smooth, crisp, and wonderful to watch.

Here are the ducks again.

With regards to sound, the a580 captures full stereo sound, and that can only be improved by attaching an external microphone. Sony did a fine job with the video on the a580.

The above video was also taken during the Union Hall concert during the warm-up period, and as the video progresses, you’ll notice the different choices in lighting. It proved troublesome as you can well imagine, but not every video is a concert video. So there isn’t always frustrating lighting.

Ever wanted to string a bamboo umbrella? Look at this technique.

The a580’s proven to be a brilliant ally and an excellent addition to my Minolta Maxxum and Sony family. For now, this concludes the a580 field review series. As I continue to explore the camera and use it in new areas, I’ll return to this and outline how it performs.

Thanks for reading.

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