First Impressions: Sony A58

Sony a58

Sony a58

Sony rang, and we answered the call. Editor-in-Chief Chris Gampat and I headed over to the Museum of Natural History for an invite-only press event for Sony’s new line of consumer electronics. There were upcoming television, audio, and photo offerings on display, and it was the latter of the three that particularly interested us. Following a presentation by COO Phil Molyneux and several product specialists, we signed out cameras and went on a small tour of three exhibits. Chris took the new NEX-3N and I had the a58, Sony’s latest addition to its SLT line. In summary, it’s something you’re either going to like or not.

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Sony Introduces HVL-F43AM Flash


Today, Sony announced the new HVL-F43AM flash that they are marketing as, “compact, yet versatile.” It seems to be the prefect companion to the Sony A580 that we previously reviewed. According to the specs they sent us, it is:

– A powerful output of GN43 (105mm ISO100 m), the compact yet versatile HVL-F43AM flash from Sony is optimized for superb results with all A-mount cameras.

– As featured on the HVL-F58AM, the innovative Quick Shift Bounce system allows flash head position to be adjusted instantly when switching between horizontal and vertical compositions. This maintains consistent shadow positions regardless of camera orientation, allowing easy creation of natural-looking ‘bounce’ effects.

– Further, Wireless Ratio Control makes it easy to select light emission ratios for up to three separate flash units. This allows quick creation of sophisticated multi-point lighting effects without the need for complex professional equipment.

– Ideal for everyday shooting and more serious applications, its dust- and moisture-resistant design makes the HVL-F43AM ideal for demanding assignments, indoors or outside.

– Flash power levels are switchable in 22 increments, from 1/1 through to 1/128 level in 1/3 steps. High output power is complemented by a quick 2.9 second (approx.) recycling time. Despite the flash’s extensive functions, operation is refreshingly clear and simple via the high-quality LCD screen and direction buttons.


The Complete Sony a580 Review

Sony a580

As 2011 rushed to a close, so did my opportunity to get a new camera. When I purchased a580, B&H had one left in stock. I pounced on the opportunity, and from there, my photographic career took a new turn. The a580 packs a 16.2 MP sensor with 95% OVF coverage – 100% in Focus Check Live View mode. The camera is also Sony’s first traditional DSLR with video functionality. Continue reading…

Field Review: Sony a580 (Day 4)

Giant tears

Thailand is known for its animals almost as much as its food. You might find yourself on a sidewalk with monkeys crossing to your side. You might be driving down a stretch of road and have to stop because there are a massive amount of ducks crossing. Or you might find yourself surrounded by elephants. The a580 performed excellently no matter what the situation was. Continue reading…

Field Review: Sony a580 (Day 3)


And so, barely a month after I purchased the a580, I was due to visit Thailand for two weeks. With my clothing stowed away, I carefully packed my Minolta glass, and secured the 50mm f/1.7 to my a580. With the a580affixed the to the Black Rapid RS-7slung over my shoulder, I sat in JFK for a short while, waiting for my flight. Once the illustrious economy class began boarding, I began a photographic and deeply personal journey through the cities, mountains, markets, eateries, and temples of Thailand. Continue reading…

Field Review: Sony a580 (Day 2)

Mara Levi of The Pushovers

On December 21st of last year, I had the good fortune of being invited to a coworker’s concert at Union Hall in Brooklyn. I work with Chris Takita at Starbucks, and he plays lead guitar in the four-piece Melissa Li & the Barely Theirs. I offered to shoot the concert as both a favor to him and more practice on the a580. All shots shown were taken with Minolta glass. Continue reading…