The Phoblographer’s Essential Wedding Resource Listing for 2010

We’ve written lots and lots on wedding photography here at The Phoblographer. So it’s only fair that we give you a full listing of all the postings we’ve written in one place to make it as simple as possible for you. Take a look at this simple to use resource and spread it amongst all your wedding photographer friends.

A Special Thank You

Before we start, we need to give a special thank you to They’ve been a giant help and major resource for helping ThePhoblographer get its start this year and we are more than ecstatic to working with them in the future. If you’re a wedding photographer, you should really check them out. If you’re a bride, you should take full advantage of everything that they will offer you to help make you make the right decision for your wedding.

Seriously: Mike and Reid, thanks so much.


Canon 35mm F/1.4 L– this lens almost lived on my camera during a wedding. Go ahead and take a look at our review of this new bread and butter lens.

Canon 5D Mk II or 7D for Weddings– I’ve shot weddings with both cameras and if you’re thinking of switching camera systems then you should consider giving this a read. They also can compliment one another too by the way.

The Complete Orbis Field Review– We used the Orbis at a wedding and loved the versatility it gave us in so many different situations where the lighting was just terrible. We highly recommend taking a look at this.

The Complete Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible Review– This is one very versatile piece of plastic and I’d love to see critics of this unit do everything that this can with one small, easy to carry light diffuser.

The Canon 1D Mk IV Visits St. Patrick’s Cathedral– The creme-de-la-creme of churches in NYC was given a friendly visit to test if the camera could stand up to lighting conditions there.

The Nikon D3s visits St. Patrick’s Cathedral– In the summer, the large and ill-lit church was no match for the D3s.

And because you’re going to ask, in this posting the 1D Mk IV and D3s face off.

Review of the Nikon SB-900 Flash– Many wedding photographers hate it. However, our very own Matt Beardsley has something very different to say.


Our Recommended Equipment List– Want to get ready for the next major wedding season? Make sure you’re equipped if you have the know-how already.

Beginner’s Tips for Weddings– About to shoot your first wedding? Here’s a tip: don’t be nervous.


The Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist– Need I say more? This was one of our most popular postings and to this day it still brings in loads of traffic.

An Introduction to Snapknot– We love this site so much. Take a look at our introduction to this great resource for wedding photographers looking for more work.

Thoughts on the 1D Mk IV for weddings from around the web– Top wedding photographers like Jeff Ascough weigh in on the subject of using the 1D Mk IV for documenting that special day.

Judge Joe Brown tells you to not be a cheap wedding photographer– This is just too funny to watch. The photographer doesn’t even know what speed her lens is.

Digital Wedding Photography Secrets– The master himself, Rick Sammon, tells us some of his lighting secrets. If you’re going to purchase this book, please do so by clicking the links to Amazon or B&H at the side.

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