Pentax K-5 Beats Out Canon 5D Mk II, 7D, Nikon D700, D300s

Go to DXoMark, and try this out yourself: you’ll see that the Pentax K-5has beat out the Canon 5D Mark IIand the Nikon D700DSLR cameras with full frame sensors. Mind you, the K-5 has a smaller APS-C sized sensor. After that, pit the K-5 against the Nikon D300sand the Canon 7Dand you’ll start to become even more amazed. Not long ago, Pentax disappointed many of their customers with the K-7. Then the K-xcame out and it began to wow them. After this, the company released the 645D along with the Pentax K-rand the K-5. With the results of what the new sensor is capable of, it seems that the company is poised to fight back. The cameras now rank very high up on DXo’s highest score listings. More after the jump.

What’s my take? Bravo, Pentax. Bravo. After going through many photography forums over and over and reading more and more about Pentax, I’ve developed respect for what you do over the past year but it’s now that your products have really begun to make me smile. The only thing I’d ask of you now is a full frame sensor body—I’d actually consider it to accompany my Canon cameras.

This said though, one of my higher ups recently commented and reminded me that, “Canon and Nikon own around 90% of the market and the other camera manufacturers are all fighting for it.”

You’ve got the technology, Pentax. Now market it.

For those interested:

– We had hands on with the Pentax K-5 and 645D at Photo Plus and also got image samples

– I know many of you don’t know if you’ll want the Canon T2i, 7D or 60D—so here is your solution. Here’s a hint, it’s not looking good for the 60D.

– I’ve compared the 7D and D300s overall and for concerts

– For videographers, I tested some yummy Zeiss glass on the 7D

– Comparison of the 7D vs 5D Mk II for weddings

All this aside, do remember that it’s the photographer that makes the images.

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