Ken Rockwell on Where Do Babies Come From

Maybe this isn’t new, but I sure haven’t seen this before and thought I’d share it with all of you. appears to have a hidden easter egg in his site detailing where babies come from. It’s actually quite hysterical and as a fellow blog editor, I’ve got loads of newfound respect for Ken as I’d never have the balls to put something up like this. I wonder if I win a prize for finding it: like one of those Nikon cameras he loves 🙂

Editor’s note 10/25/2010: There’s more!

Editor’s note 10/24/2010: I’ve had people question as to whether or not this is real. It very much so seems it. Here’s another screenshot with the link above.


10/25/2010: I’ve been tipped off that there is another secret site/easter egg on What is it?

Take careful notice of the link above in the linkbar, is associated with Ken Rockwell. Now here’s the interesting part: type that into your linkbar and you’ll be brought to a site that looks like this down below.

You won’t see it here, but my mouse was hovering over the about link. Take a look at what it will take you too down at the bottom of the photo. Interesting, huh?

If I haven’t said it already, thank you so much Ken for putting a smile on my face. I really needed that.

Chris Gampat

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