Russian Leica Clone Hacked to Shoot Digital Photos

This is really cool: Youtube user ironwindow13 stuffed his Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX1into an old Russian Leica film camera clone. For those of you not familiar with the Cyber-shot, he essentially just stuffed a high-end camera into an uber-sexy larger body. Aftwards, he modified the body to allow for easier access to the camera’s functions. While this is quite impressive, I yearn for the day that someone stuffs a GF-1(review here) EP-1(EP-2 review here)or an NEX-3(we reviewed of the NEX-5on the blog) into one of these cameras. That would be truly amazing and I’d pay top dollar for that type of durability, especially if it were in something like the Leica M7 reviewed a little while back. Here’s the google translation of how he did it.

Via Petapixel

Chris Gampat

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