Lens Sharpness Test: Sony 16mm F2.8 vs Panasonic 20mm F1.7


And so the battle of the pancake lenses commences! In one corner, we’ve got the 16mm F2.8 on the Sony NEX 5camera. In the other, the Panasonic 20mm F1.7 on the GF-1Micro Four Thirds camera. Each camera was shot in aperture priority at ISO 200 and tested on a Home Depot flier. Further, each camera was also focused on the Husky Logo in the center. Let’s see how they did.

Just for reference: Sony is on the left and Panasonic is on the right for each image. Each lens was not tested at F22 because the Panasonic lens only goes up to F16. Each camera was shot on a tripod.







Please note that in no way is this a scientific test. Also keep in mind that only center sharpness is being tested.


F2.8- Panasonic has an edge.

F4- Panasonic has a slight edge and the Sony is starting the catch up.

F5.6- Pretty much even with the Sony now taking a slight edge.

F8- In my eyes, dead even.

F11- No idea what happened here. The Sony is starting to become problematic. The Panasonic is still holding strong.

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