Editing: More Mistakes To Watch For When Editing a Video

As like many of you, I’m always learning and re-learning. The first time around on a recent podcast, I made some major mistakes. The second time around, it was in the editing process for the most part but some of these problems could have been fixed in pre-production. Since it’s been a while since I’ve been shooting podcasts day after day, here are some mistakes that I’ve made to keep in mind as well as how to avoid them.

Ensure That LCD Screens Can Clearly Be Seen

In this podcast, I’m shooting a Nintendo DSi. The cameras used are the Canon 5D Mk II set on a tripod with the 24-105mm F4 L IS attached. The IS is off because the camera is tripod mounted. In order to see the LCD screen clearer the exposure could have been adjusted a tad or the in-camera contrast could have been dialed up. When trying to fix the problem in post, by darkening the image, lots of little artifacts and random pixels appeared on the LCD screens.

For reference sakes, this was all edited in iMovie using my MacBook. I usually use Sony Vegas on my PC though.

Adjust Your F-Stop Correctly By Using the Zoom in Function On Your DSLR

A small problem that you’ll notice is that the DSi is a bit out of focus at some points of filming. The lens was set to F8 and focusing was done very carefully, but only for when the DSi was flat on the surface. When it was opened up and it moved a bit closer, it was a tad bit out of focus. It could have been corrected by checking this beforehand using the zoom in function on the 5D MK II to focus in on the very little details.

Mix the Sound Levels Correctly

Notice how my audio recording is a bit hard to hear at times because of the game? Ensure that you boost sound levels where it is needed.

Keep these quick tips in mind and you’ll be making better videos in no time.

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