Recommended Step Up Cameras For Summer Travel

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It’s getting much warmer here in NYC and summer is approaching. You’ll probably be taking a vacation or go site seeing. That said, it may possibly be time to upgrade your camera or get something new. If you or someone you love is looking and they’re in the entry-level crowd, check out this list of cameras to go for.

Canon T21/T1i

The Canon T2i and the T1i are being offered at the top of the list because of what consumers get for the package. Both cameras offer HD video recording, though the T2i does this better. Additionally, they take remarkable photos (T2i has 18MP and T1i has 15MP) and will outpace your point and shoot quite a bit. You may even just toss it if you’ve got one of these as most New Yorkers have. For an even more futureproof deal, the 50D (a camera a step above these) is being offered with rebates as well. You’ll probably never want to or need to purchase another camera after that.

The Canon T2i and T1i cost $899.95 and $749.95 accordingly.

Panasonic GF-1

This is the camera that I’ve seen/tested and quite honestly consider to be the pinnacle of the Micro Four Thirds category. Pick this camera up with a 20mm F1.7 lens and you’ll have the ultimate compact package with great quality. The GF-1 records 720p HD video, has 12MP, a pop-up flash and also offers users the option of a viewfinder if they so want it. Otherwise, there is really no reason why the entry-level crowd or consumers shouldn’t flock to this camera.

The Panasonic GF-1 with kit lens costs $799.95 and the 20mm F1.7 lens costs $399.95.

Pentax K-x

The Pentax K-x has some of the most amazing image quality ever seen in the entry-level division yet. It is very close to the new Canon T2i and for someone looking to just get a camera and not worry about upgrades, this may be the option to get. The K-x has 12.4MP, 720p HD video, and comes in a crazy variety of colors that people will enjoy. Get yours in black, navy, red, or white.

The K-x price varies depending on the package.

Olympus EP-1

At 12MP and with all those art filters, the EP-1 rocked the photo world when it came out by being able to offer DSLR image quality in a camera the size of a point-and-shoot. To date, it is still one of my favorite Micro Four Thirds bodies. With the ability to shoot HD video as well, everyone will have fun with this camera and the sleek, sexy, retro look to it.

The EP-1 with kit lens goes for $648.95 brand new and $539.95 used from B&H Photo and Video.

Sony A230

Sony and Minolta users will really appreciate what the A230 can do. After seeing some of the results of what this camera can do with a good 50mm lens attached, users will be thrilled to see the quality of images that they can take with a simple camera like this.

The 50mm lens goes for $149.99 and the A230 goes for $399.95 with the 18-55mm kit lens from B&H.


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