The Complete Nikon D3s Review

Now that the Nikon field review is over, here is a complete listing of postings for the complete review.

The different days were tailored towards the types of photographers that would use the camera. Choose whichever day is best for you.

Day 1: Getting a feel for the camera again.

Vs the 5D Mk II

Day 2: Street sports shooting

Day 3: Candid street photography for photojournalists

Day 4: Used the D300s more

Day 5: Shooting a Pokemon launch party event for event and party photographers

Day 6: Testing the High ISO conditions in St. Patrick’s Cathedral for wedding photographers.

Day 7: Cosplay portraits at PAX East 2010

Day 8: Concert shooting at PAX East along with a video test

Day 9: Celebrity Candids with Adam Sessler

Just some minor add-ons that I forgot to mention before:

* While filming the concert, the sensor overheated. I mean like really hot. I put it over my pocket with my wallet inside and someone’s business card literally melted onto it because of this. No joke.

* The battery was charged once when I started the review. It lasted throughout the entire review and I still never killed the battery.

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