Could This Be the Pentax 645D's New Sensor?

Growing interest has spurred over the Pentax 645D Medium Format DSLR camera. I was browsing through a couple of photography forums when I stumbled on this sensor by Kodak, said to be the one that will be the heart of the 645D. The specifications on this sensor are after the jump.

The sensor is meant for professional digital cameras and digital camera backs. It is a 40MP CCD, and the 645D is said to be 39MP. It offers ultra-high resolution, broad dynamic range, low noise architecture, and a large active imaging area. It is said to be used for Industrial imaging but also for aerial photography. That last part is a bit interesting. What that could mean is the types of cameras in balloons, satellites, etc. It could even probably be used for land surveillance.

I was able to pull the graph below off the site before the posting was mysteriously deleted. I hate it when things like that happen. The architecture says Full Frame CCD, but if you look at the active image size you’ll see a different story.

If it is in the camera, I’ll be very thrilled as Kodak sensors are apparently getting better and better as is evident with the Leica M9 and S2. It surely isn’t the sensor in the Hasselblad H4D-40 that I had fondling time with.

Chris Gampat

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