Round Up: Canon 1D Mk IV for Weddings

With WPPI coming up soon, you may be considering a new camera soon. Fellow Canon shooters may find that they’re looking for something more than what their 5D Mk II’s and 1Ds Mk III’s can do. As a guy looking for another body himself, I explored how the 1D Mk IV was for weddings. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with the camera before but I always thought that it was really just for photojournalism and sports. It appears that I was wrong. Here’s a round up of people that have tried it out.

Everyone seems to be rating it very positively, but their main gripe seems to be the fact that the sensor has a 1.3x crop factor that they need to get used to.

Hoffer Photography

Jeff Ascough

Jennifer Bowen

Nikon D3s vs the 1D Mk IV (just for a compare and contrast)

For all you portrait people, fellow Blind Photographer Vince Ryan has been using the camera a bit for some of his campaign photo shoots for Nike. He has told me very good things about it.

As a 5D Mk II shooter, I myself sometimes have problems with the autofocus although I do lots of manual focusing as well. The autofocus doesn’t always hit my intended targets perfectly. To be fair though, when I use spot metering selective focusing (Thanks for catching the error Allen) I hit my targets accurately. The only technical limitations after that are my lenses as some will focus faster than others. I’ve put my faith in the camera and it has never failed me yet.

Chris Gampat

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