Fuji Releases New HS10 and Loads More Cameras

Fuji has announced new additions to their series of cameras such as the XP10 which Fuji is saying is essentially “LifeProof”, and the Z70 which allows you to tag images for upload to Facebook and videos to be uploaded to Youtube which just simply tagging the photo in the camera’s menu. More advanced photographers will appreciate cameras like the new HS10.


Targeted towards enthusiasts.

– 10MP CMOS sensor (Backside illuminated)

–  30X wide-angle zoom (twist barrel style) 24-720mm

– 3 inch high contrast tilting LCD

– Sensor can detect when you put the camera to your eye like the Panasonic G1

– 1080p HD video with stereo sound with simultaneous 2MP still 10fps shooting

–  high-speed movie mode at 1000fps

–  Mini HDMI

– Pro low light

– motion canceling mode (capture 5 bursts, check for anything moving through and create composite with moving objects edited out.)

– EXR engine processor is used.

-Swing panorama mode. Dual image stabilization with multi-frame to eliminate blur. Command wheel and mode dial.

– Four direct command shooting buttons.

– Face detection

– Combined RAW/JPEG Shooting

You can find the Press Release for the HS10 here WARNING:  Keep in mind that this and the press releases that follow are in DocX format


Flagship point and shoot, Targeted towards enthusiasts

– 12MP super CCD EXR sensor

– 10x optical zoom

– Super Electron Beam coating- helps with light transmission through lens

– High contrast 3 inch LCD

– Dual image stabilization

– Pro focus mode: depth of field using 3 consecutive images (foreground, mid and back) to deliver bokeh.

– Pro low-light: combined four images to give you deeper colors and minimize grain

– Focus tracking

– Face recognition

– High ISO

– Macro up to 2 inches without overpowered flash

– Metal chassis

– Li-ion

You can find the press release for the F80EXR here


Fashionista camera

– For the “Gen Y” people

– 12MP CCD sensor

– Fujinon 5x periscope zoom lens

-2.7 inch LCD

– ISO 1600

– digital image stabilization

– Two shutter buttons (pics and video)

– 720p HD videos

– One touch on the back allows you to tag an image and choose to upload to Youtube or Facebook. Then connect the camera to the PC and the software will download the pics, find the tagged ones and upload them to your Facebook or Youtube

You can find the Press Release for the Z70 here


New tough camera for families with kids and outdoors people.

– Waterproof to 10 feet

–  Shockproof to 3 feet

– Freezeproof to 14 degree Ft and dust proof

– “Lifeproof camera”

– 5x periscope optical zoom lens (internal refractive optical zoom.)

– 12MP

– 2.7 inch LCD with anti-reflective coating

– Unibody metal chassis

– Stainless steel end cap

– 21.7mm thick

– Reinforced lens barrier to prevent scratching

– 720p movies and a separate movie button.

– High ISO 1600

– digital image stabilization

– face detection

– SR auto scene recognition mode

– Li-Ion

– silver (chrome)

You can find the press release for the XP10 here


For users that want more zoom power

– 12MP CCD sensor

– 18x wide angle zoom

– High res 3 inch LCD

– Electronic viewfinder

– Dual image stabilized

– HD movies at 720

– Tracking autofocus

– Face detection

– ISO 6400

– SR Auto, panoramic shooting mode (3 shots) instant zoom (zoom to maximum with one button touch.)

– Smile/blink detection modes

S2500 is same, just has an HDMI output

You can find the press release for the S 1800 here

Z700 EXR

Fashionista camera

– 12MP

– Step-up camera

– EXR sensor

– Dynamic range up to 400%

– 5x periscope zoom lens

– 3.5 inch widescreen touch panel (16×9) 469,000 pixel LCD.

– Dual image display (menu on one side, image on the other)

– Automatic rotation

– Touchscreen shooting capabilities

– Set focus based on where you touch the LCD.

– File management system will give you the ability to sort, search, edit, drag and drop, put in folders etc.

– Postcard like/collage look is available

– Digital image stabilization

– Face detection/recognition

– SR auto

– pet detection

– full metal chasis

– 16.9mm thin and 3 colors: black, red and silver

You can find the press release for the Z700 here

AV100 & AX200

Basic and entry level

– Dual coat finish on the chassis

– 12MP CCD Sensor

– 3x magnification

– 2.7 inch High Resolution LCD

– High ISO (up to 3200)

– Digital image stabilization

– Face detection (find up to 10 faces)

– SR auto for intelligent scene recognition

– Capture 720p movies

– ISO3200 Max

You can find the press release for the A Series here

J-Series (Picture is the JX 250)


–  Li-Ions

– HD movies

– 3x optical zoom

– 2.7 inch LCD 12MP

–  digital image stabilization

– ISO 3200

– Enhanced features like Tracking auto focus (essentially focus lock with one touch on a back button, and the camera will track them. Sounds like Olympus’s.)

– Smile shutter and blink detection mode

JX250 Same as 100 but has a 14MP sensor with a  5x Optical Zoom feature set but 14MP sensor 5x optical zoom


– Full metal chasis

– 12MP CCD

– 2.7inch LCD

– Dual image stabilization (sensor and digital) but mostly same feature set

Finepix JZ500

– 14MP

– 10x zoom

–  2.7 inch LCD

Same mostly as the JZ300

– Face recognition (record up to 8 people, names birthday, whether they are family/friends, etc) is one this one and so is the Image Search feature. It can search your images by face, date and other information that they’d registered in to organize them. The information will transfer over to the PC using the Finepix software.

Pet detection feature is in this camera. It can detect cats and dogs and will have a database from the American Kennel Club and others that has 80% of breeds. The camera will adjust settings to be optimized for that breed. It will automatically activate the shutter when the pet looks at you.

You can find the Press Release for the J Series  here