The Apple iPad & The Blind Photographer

Tim O’Brien of Blind Photographers weighed in on the Apple iPad the other day and made a good argument for it being of great use to the visually impaired photographer. What he essentially says in the posting is how he finds it difficult to use a camera’s LCD screen sometimes to preview his photos. He says the Apple iPad would be a great solution to this as one would be able to get immediate feedback from his/her photography and be able to share it with others. He mentions an obstacle though, and this is an obstacle that a lot of photographers saw with the release of the iPad and that is that there are no ports on the side of the device. However as Tim points out though according to the Apple iPad Spec Page there is a USB kit for camera connection solving this issue.

While I was not a big fan of the pad when it was released I can see where he is coming from. The large LCD screen does give a big portable viewing space for the on-the-go photographer. I can also see where he’s coming from in the article when he mentions that he has to wait to return home to upload his photos to his computer. This happens to be one of the reasons why I want to invest in a MacBook instead.  I would be able to shoot, upload, and edit.

While I agree with Tim on how the big screen would be useful for visually impaired photographers, in my opinion it doesn’t mean much if you can’t edit them. Of course this could change if Apple or camera manufacturers started making apps for their camera’s RAW files so one could edit them on the iPad.

You can check it out at Chris wrote a posting the other day on how photographers can possibly use the tablet as well. Granted it was before the release, as was his posting on editing on a tablet.