Great Photography Apps for Android Phones

As Android gains more momentum with the hastily updated OS and new phones like the Nexus One, it’s time to give their photography apps some attention. Lots of Apple iPhone photography apps are talked about across the photo blogs, but no one has talked much about Android. As a T-Mobile G1 user for a year now, I can tell you that photography on the Android platform is fun, social, and versatile. If you’re a photographer considering (or already owning) an Android phone, you’ll probably want to hit the jump right about now.


This is quite possibly the funnest app I have on my phone. It allows you to take a picture, insert custom text, graphics, etc. It’s perfect for LOLCATs type of postings. Keep this app on your phone for when you just want to have fun. It helped me keep my inspiration alive as well by using a non-traditional camera but instead using a lower-quality one and just focusing on the fun.

But I’m positive you can see that from the image above.

Pixelpipe Pro

As the only paid app on this list, what you get for the price is very much so worth it. Pixelpipe allows you to take a photo and send it virtually anywhere. Set it up to send a photo to your WordPress, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook etc all at once. It’s great for professionals or journalists that don’t want to carry their actual cameras (which happens a lot more than you’d think these days.) It also allows for inputting of tags, descriptions, etc.


Think of some of the Olympus Art Filters in an app of some sort. That’s really what FxCamera is. It’s a nice compliment to those of you that use any of Olympus’s DSLRs or Micro Four Thirds cameras from last year. The app can give you some really interesting and actually quite lovely results. With various effects, filters, and settings this is highly recommended as one of the apps to get. Mobile

You’ve taken that photo and now you need to edit it: Mobile is the app for you. the versatility allowed with color settings, cropping, exposure, contast/highlights on top of painting and lots of other possibilities makes this app essential to any photographer, enthusiast or anyone that loves using their camera phone and wants to get their eye out of the viewfinder and off the finely calibrated screen for a while.

Any apps that you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments down below.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.