The Essentials of Photographing Seated Portrait Subjects

Portrait subjects and people have so many possibilities when it comes to creating a great photo of them. Most photographers take pictures of their subjects when they’re standing; but taking portraits of your subject while seated is a whole different game. They’re essentially rooted to a position and you can work with them off of that one spot. But like all portrait subjects, when you’re going to take a photo of them they’ll need direction.

If you’re working with someone who has never posed for a proper portrait before, consider these tips.

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10 Tips for Digital Photographers Getting into Film Photography

Lots of photographers these days started out in digital and then decide to get into analog later down the line. Eventually they end up loving it! Though there are still photographers out there that think it’s hipster–on the other hand some analog shooters just consider digital to be amateur. Either way, if you’re looking to get started in analog photography, we’ve prepared a video for you on how to get into it.

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5 Quick Sports Photography Tips with Patrick Murphy Racey

All images by Patrick Murphy Racey. Used with permission.

Photographer Patrick Murphy Racey has been shooting sports for many years now and has a whole load of incredible tips that he can offer. We’ve previously featured a video on how he lights basketball games, but as we all know, sports photography is a whole lot more than just lighting. Patrick is a Sony Artisan, and uses the company’s cameras and lenses to shoot photos that keep wow’ing editors.

After the jump, we feature a short video aimed at beginners featuring Patrick’s tips on how he shoots sports photos.

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Want To Improve Your Instagram Photographs? Try These 3 Simple Styling Tips

Screenshot taken from video. 

The fundamentals of good photography apply to all kinds of mediums, from a professional grade DSLR or a smartphone. Composition has always been one of the most important factors in either making or breaking the shot. Professional wedding photographers Daniel Inskeep and Rachel Gulotta (and their dog, Carlton) created an extremely helpful short video on their Youtube channel demonstrating three easy to use composition tips on how to improve styling for Instagram photos.

The first tip shared in the video is all about perspective and how it can affect the different outcome of photographs. Typically there are three basic perspectives that can be applied: the birds’ eye view, 45 degrees and neutral perspective. Using birds’ eye view provides a top down perspective giving equal emphasis on all subjects laying flat, while the 45 degrees framing can result in a more 3 dimensional look, adding layers of depth to the image. The neutral position works best if you intend to use shallow depth of field to isolate your subject, creating that desirable “bokeh” background look.

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30 Tips to Conquer G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

This is a syndicated blog post from Eric Kim. Its content and images have been used with permission. Syndication by Anthony Thurston. 

Why is it that we think that buying a new camera will help us become more creative with our photography?

Why do we think that buying more lenses and gear will help us break out of our “photographer’s block”? Why is it that whenever we buy a new camera, lens, or tripod — we suddenly revert back to baseline enthusiasm after 2 weeks? Continue reading…

Photographing Women: Insights from Photographer Jeff Rojas

All images by Jeff Rojas. Used with permission.

“I also would recommend that photographers take the time to have their own portrait taken by another professional photographer!” says photographer Jeff Rojas. “If you haven’t been under studio lights and being told how to pose, I would recommend trying it, it’s enlightening.” Jeff is the author behind a book called Photographing Men and recently published a book called Photographing Women–essentially on the fundamentals of things like fashion and boudoir.

There is quite a lot of information out there about photographing women, but a lot of it is all about technique. As any seasoned portrait photographer will tell you, portraiture is more about the conversation between a photographer and the subject.

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10 Ways to Save Money as a Travel Photographer

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This post was syndicated from Format, prepared by Anthony Thurston. Originally done by Matt Moreland, featured image by Matt Moreland.

As a freelance photographer who’s constantly hustling to find new clients and make connections, the only logical place for me to live is in a big city. Big cities are where all the ad agencies and brand headquarters are, so this is where most creative networking needs to take place. The only issue is, as someone whose work and style heavily involve outdoor lifestyle, nature photography and picturesque locations, I need to constantly travel outside of the city to actually create my work.

These two aspects of my work tend to conflict as the high costs of living in a city and the numerous costs of travel don’t exactly lend well to a freelance income. Luckily, over the past few years, I’ve figured out a few tips and tricks to lowering my travel costs, getting things for free, and finding secondary sources of income.

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