On Imagining the Idea of a Medium Format Sony a7s II

The idea of a medium format Sony a7s II isn’t really a completely farfetched one when you consider how photography and technology have evolved hand in hand. For years, medium format photography has been stated to be better than 35mm photography–at least in terms of the analog film world. In the digital world though, the two tend to be able to hold their ground with one another due to algorithms, processors, etc. The medium format world has also always been about getting higher megapixels, more emulsion, more details, more surface area, etc. In the film world, it results in grain that could look less unsightly and more pleasing than film typically allows.

So with that said, why can’t a medium format sensor have less megapixels and an incredibly clean high ISO output?

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Could Phase One Be Coming Out with a 100MP Medium Format Black and White Digital Back?

Hey La Noir Image subscribers, it’s time to really start to drool over the possibilities because there are hints of a Phase One black and white back in the air! We got a tip off from reader that perhaps a medium format 100MP Black and White digital back could be on its way from Phase One. The company has previously made apochromatic camera backs, which are essentially black and white camera sensors and that many photographers absolutely dream over.

While yes, photographers can easily go ahead and turn the images into black and white in post-production, it’s simply still not the same experience. Some photographers only shoot in black and white for example.

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The Nikon D7500 is the Nikon D500’s Little Brother

After announcing that the company is going to focus on their mid to higher end cameras, Nikon is announcing the Nikon D7500. This camera is almost everything that the company’s award winning Nikon D500 is. With that said, the company skipped ahead in numbers to the D7500 because they thought that the changes were really that significant and large. The key differences between the two cameras are burst, XQD, build, controls and AF system.

At the heart of the Nikon D7500 is the same 20.9MP imaging sensor that the Nikon D500 has. It can shoot 4k video and has an EXPEED 5 processing engine. On top of that, it eliminate the Optical Low Pass filter. Its ISO range is 100-51,200. More details from the press release are after the jump.

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Beginner’s Tips: Getting the Most out of Golden Hour Landscape Photography

When you’re shooting during the Golden Hour, you’ll probably see that one of the more challenging things to do is golden hour landscape photography. But, it isn’t that difficult if you just understand how light works. Modern DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are highly capable, and with a bit of know-how you can get an image that will look fantastic straight out of camera. While it’s true that most of the magic in landscape photography happens during the processing stage, here’s what you can do to get the most of the situation and process your photos less.

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The Phoblographer Answers: Do Medium Format Cameras Hold Their Value?

Medium format cameras are so incredibly expensive though they’re surely starting to come down in price. For many, they’re considered the pinnacle of making it as a professional photographer. Despite these incredibly high price points, you’d be shocked at what you’re getting. Granted, you’re buying into a system with a much larger sensor and then theoretically better image quality overall. Plus you get to work with better lenses and have the best in support when it comes to shooting tethered. But otherwise, that’s really about it.

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Why Do Photographers Need a UV Filter For Their Lenses?

It happens often: you go to buy a lens and you’re offered the option of also purchasing a UV filter. But do you really need one? Photographers are often confused as to whether or not to get one. For many years, photographers have used UV Filters for a number of reasons. In fact, most photographers who started in digital most likely didn’t get one.

So here’s the explanations for them all.

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