This Underwater 8×10 Camera System Will Only Cost You $5,800

All images used courtesy of the eBay listing

To add a bit of extra sparkle to your photographic hobby, consider channelling your inner 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and picking up this Underwater 8×10 camera system off of eBay. Yes, that’s right–you’d be shooting 8×10 film sheets under water. Pretty crazy, right? When you think of film cameras and going underwater, it isn’t unusual for the Nikonos to come up or even the Fujifilm underwater disposable cameras. But it isn’t every day that you consider something above medium format.

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How to Choose Your First Lenses for Your SmartPhone Camera

These days it’s not so much of a stretch to say that while you are our traveling or just going about your daily life the camera you have with you is likely the one built into your phone. Additionally, the image quality from these tiny devices is just getting better and better in almost every respect. The limiting factor for a lot of these phones though is they are stuck with a single lens, with your only way of changing your view being an image quality destroying digital zoom. Some newer higher end phones are now coming with two rear cameras, one with a wider lens and one a more telephoto – but even these are extremely limiting compared to what we as photographers are used to with our interchangeable lens cameras.

The solution here is accessory lens systems for your smart phone. These are the very things that many of us scoffed at in the recent past, but as mobile photography has become more popular and with more people wanting to be serious about it – the quality of these add-on lenses as grown significantly. But what should you be thinking about when you are looking to buy these accessory lenses? You know how to consider camera lenses, but phone add-on lenses?

Have no fear – We’ve got you covered.

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Four Super Sharp Black and White Film Emulsions Worthy of a Good Lens

Film photography is highly valued for the certain sense of softness it can deliver vs digital. But under the right circumstances, black and white film can be used to create and capture photos that are incredibly sharp. In fact, they can easily rival what digital is capable of. Believe it or not, lots of the methods that one uses for digital photography to make a sharp photo can easily be applied to film. So if you’re looking to get some of the sharpest photos you’ve ever shot, check out these four fantastic film emulsions.

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Which Zeiss Milvus Lens is Best for You? We’ve Updated Our Guide

We’ve updated our recent lens guide to the Zeiss Milvus lineup of glass. Are they pricey? Sure, but when you consider what you’re getting with the quality of an optic that Zeiss offers, you’re realizing you’re getting a great investment. Zeiss lenses combine both great optics with some of the best build quality of any lens on the market, in addition to an approach that makes you concentrate harder and create better images.

At the moment, there are 12 Zeiss Milvus lenses and we’ve just added to this guide our 35mm f1.4 Milvus review. This is a semi-wide angle lens that Zeiss is saying is great for portraiture. That hasn’t really been done before in the past, and so it’s quite a claim for any lens company out there. But as we saw in our review, the Zeiss 35mm f1.4 Milvus lens is fantastic for portraiture. We went a step further this time around and decided to try it out on film too. The colors, sharpness, and overall look to the images is something that’s bound to “wow” many photographers. Part of this is due to the 3D look it renders with the micro-contrast built in. It’s tough to get that from any other manufacturer’s offerings.

If you’re looking to get the absolute best, then check out the Zeiss Milvus lens guide.

The Nikon AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 E ED VR Lens Will Work Well for Sports

There’s a brand new Nikon lens on the market today with the announcement of the new Nikon AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 E ED VR Lens. The new lens is an FX format optic targeted to sports, wildlife, travel and landscape photographers. With it, Nikon is touting 4.5 stops of image stabilization according to CIPA standards. With a minimum focusing of 3.94 ft and a price point of $699.95 it’s most likely going to be a hit with a lot of photographers.
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Could the Citograph 35mm Lens Be the Grab and Go Lens for Street Photographers?


The Citograph 35mm is a new campaign over on Kickstarter by the team at C.P. Goerz. The idea behind the project is to address an issue: needing to carry your standalone camera with enormous lenses or carry big and awkward accessory lenses which complicate the smartphone photography process. As C.P. Goerz explains, the lens will give you the best of both worlds; access to the speed and convenience of a smartphone camera with the image quality of your stand-alone DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

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Review: Gaffers Tape/Electrical Tape (A Photographer’s Best Friend)

There’s absolutely no doubting that gaffers tape and electrical tape have been used by photographers for years now. The tape has helped with a multitude of situations: covering up logos to make their camera more low profile, keeping a battery in a camera because the camera’s battery door fell off and you don’t have the money to replace it, adding grip to a lens or camera, building a GoBo for a light, attaching a gel to a flash, securing a flash to an unconventional spot, etc. Just look at most Leica cameras and you’ll see gaffers tape on it. Indeed, it’s true that photographers have used it over and over again for years for almost anything and everything.

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The Mindshift Gear Photocross Sling Bag Aims For Functionality Over Style

Not every photographer goes for style, and for those people the Mindshift Gear PhotoCross bags could be the option that you’re looking for. They’re a new type of sling camera bag designed for the adventure photographer. The bags come in two variations a 10 and a 13. The 13 lets you pack a big DSLR and lenses, while the smaller 10 accommodates one DSLR with a lens attached and another lens. Mindshift Gear is a Think Tank company, and so to that end you can surely expect a whole lot of functionality overall.

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