Film Review: Kodak Portra 400 (35mm and 120, Various Formats)

Years and years ago, Kodak announced something that would endure for quite a while: Kodak Portra 400. Available in the 120, 35mm, and large formats, the film was and still is incredibly popular with photographers who like shooting portraits. It’s highly valued for its muted tones–which tends to go against much of what digital photography seems to offer straight out of the camera. However, Portra is in use for much more than just this. Lots of photographers use it as their every day film because they just like it. But this tends to be more the thought process of those that shoot 35mm. At 120, you’re getting far less shots per roll and often work to get the best photos you can in one single shot due to higher stakes–even more so than with 35mm.

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Review: Canon 28mm f3.5 IS STM (Canon EF-M)

Not many macro lenses have impressed me in the mirrorless camera category, but the Canon 28mm f3.5 ( $299.00 ) is probably an underrated lens that you haven’t heard a whole lot about. However, it’s got a few great features to it that make it very useful in various situations. Besides its compact size, it also has a cool macro light built into it. The light can be controlled using a button on the lens and can be very useful in many situations.

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First Samples: Sony 85mm f1.8 FE and Sony 100mm f2.8 STM G Master FE

Earlier tonight, we got the chance to play with the brand new Sony 85mm f1.8 FE and the new Sony 100mm f2.8 STM FE G Master. Both lenses performed absolutely wonderfully, but if I really had to put my money on one or the other, I’d personally lean more towards the 85mm. To be fair, I spent most of my time with this lens, and if I spend more time with the 100mm f2.8 then my opinion may change. But I’m a far bigger fan of 85mm focal lengths than 100mm.

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The Canon 77D Is for the Amateur Photographer That Doesn’t Think They’re Very Amateur But Not Quite Intermediate Yet

Today, Canon is introducing a few new products that have apparently been terribly kept secrets but also have been making some scratch their heads. To start, the new Canon 77D is supposed to live above the Canon T6s but below the Canon 80D. Why? Well, I’m sure that there’s a good reason if they’re literally creating a new line of camera for it. In some ways, you can imagine it as the two cameras semi-sort of smushed together into one and removing the weather sealing.

But perhaps more exciting is the company’s new Canon T7i or the Canon M6.

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A Look at How Digital Cameras Lose Their Value Compared to Film Bodies

If you’ve even decided to click on this article then you’re probably aware of some of the frustrations some of your fellow photographers feel. Let’s preface this: four or five years ago you may have purchased a Fujifilm X Pro 1. Last year it was updated, giving it a sufficient four year life span. Now you want to upgrade, and you’re finding they’re still going for at a ridiculously low price brand new and only a few hundred used. But the newer cameras like the Fujifilm X Pro 2 costs around $1,699. Fujifilm isn’t exclusive to this: so too is Sony and the Micro Four Thirds coalition.

Now if you look at some of the film camera bodies, you’ll start to realize just how well they hold their value–especially if the system is still current.

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