Adobe Introduces Guided Upright Feature to Lightroom


Adobe dropped a new update for ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) and Lightroom CC this morning, among the usual bug fixes and camera support updates we also got a new feature to talk about: Guided Upright.

Guided Upright is Adobe’s latest feature to make our lives as photographers easier, while maintaining some control. Adobe’s new Guided Upright feature allows photographers the ability to give the software ‘hints’ that help it more accurately adjust the image. The process of making these adjustments is simple enough, in the new Transform tab (located down just below the Lens Corrections tab) you selected the Guided option and then draw 2-4 ‘

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Survey: Concert Attendees Basically Take Too Many Photos

infographic music festival 1

Western Digital recently finished a really interesting study about the way that people take pictures at concerts and festivals. Most people opt for smartphones (which isn’t surprising), and they often end up running out of storage. On top of that, they hate deleting images on their phone because it’s like deleting a memory. They want everything recorded.

Sad in some ways because it means that you can be spending so much time trying to document the moment vs experiencing it…yes, I know. But it gets even more interesting when you consider how much they actually really value these photos.

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Elinchrom’s Skyport Plus HS Radio Transmitters Now Support Sony


Editor’s note: an earlier version stated that these flash triggers did TTL. They do not.

Today, Elinchrom now joins the short list of manufacturers delivering TTL radio flash triggers for Sony. The company announced that their new Skyport + HS transmitters will offer full support with the Sony system along with TTL and Hi-Sync (their version of high speed sync). You’ll be able to get these transmitters for $249; which aren’t as affordable as what Godox can do, but the Godox also don’t integrate into a full monolight system.

Specs are after the jump.

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VSCO Teases New Features Coming to Their App

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.51.48 AM

If you’re a VSCO user, then you should be aware that a number of new changes are coming to the app soon. The company released a video, which is after the jump, noting a number of big new gestures that will dominate how the app works. Essentially, it’s going to take some muscle memory to figure it all out.

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Cool New Feature for Phoblographer’s Desktop Readers

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.21.59 AM

Temporarily removed due to slowing the website down so much

Added back in!

Hey folks,

Cool news with a new feature today exclusively for the Phoblographer’s desktop readers. When you click into a story, what you’ll now see is two arrow icons on the left and right side of the website. When you hover over these arrows, you’ll get a brief preview of the next story. Hit the right and you’ll go to the next later story. Hit the left one and you’ll head over to a previously published one.

This is all part of a big redesign that I’m working on for both mobile and desktop. My vision is to have this website maintain its very simple look, while sprucing it up a bit to be more magazine-like in its interface. I’m very aware of the mobile issues; and I’ve been working on them. But I’m one guy and can only do so much. The new design will ideally be here in August.

You’ll really, really like it. Hope you enjoy! Be sure to leave us feedback in the comments or shoot an email to chrisgampat[at]

Also be sure to not forget that we want to feature more creative photographers.

Learn Photo365 App Brings Daily Photography Assignments To Android


If you’re an iOS device user, then you probably have tried the Learn Photo365 app already. Learn Photo365 has been available on Apple iOS devices for some time now, but only recently launched their Android version.

The best way to learn about photography and become more familiar with the capabilities of your camera is not sitting at your computer watching a tutorial or sitting in some class at your local community college, it’s out in the world. An important piece to staying sharp as a photographer is constantly utilizing your skills, and if there are no paying jobs, then doing so just for the sake of doing so is what needs to be done. But how does one decide what to go out and shoot? What should you practice today?

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Mercury Camera Promises a Truly Universal System


Ever wanted to use your medium format Hasselblad lenses with your Bronica ETRS or something along the lines? Well a new Kickstarter called Mercury Camera wants to do something just like that. But it wants to go even further and let you adapt nearly any 35mm, medium format or large format lens with pretty much any negative or instant film back. To boot, you can also adapt any medium format digital camera back.

Just imagine the possibilities!

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Fujifilm Tries to Throw Off Trackers With Patent Trick, XF 13mm F/1.8 Prime Lens Incoming?

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Fujifilm X Pro 2 product images review (9 of 12)ISO 4001-125 sec at f - 2.8

A new patent, discovered by Egami, suggests that Fujifilm could be working on a new 20mm F/1.8 equivalent lens for their X-Series. The machine translation of the patent is imperfect, leading to some possible misunderstandings, but from what I could gather, it looks like Fuji tried to somehow slip this patent under the radar by scaling down to a 1mm optical system. Egami speculates this is to throw off patent trackers and other lens manufacturers. Some reports seem to indicate that the lens itself will be a 20mm F/1.8, which seems to be a mistake.

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