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Town 30 is a brand new company that is trying to carve their path in the stylish camera bag space; and today they’re launching their Kickstarter showcasing their Emissary bag series. This isn’t only a stylish bag though, it has lots of unique features. Take for example the special lens cap holder on the side that fits various sizes or the special claps that requires you to actually twist them in order to unfasten them. However, they’re very capable of being undone in one smooth motion and lifting the flap up if quick access is what you’re after.

The bag is made from water-resistant nylon with vegetable leather on top for those of you who prefer to pet cows rather than  experiencing their deliciousness. The bags come in the 13″ Burzin and 15″ Cumbysis options with the Burzin offering a Classic leather edition still made from veggies.

The company’s intro video to the Town 30 Emissary bags is after the jump.

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Canon 50mm f1.8 III

After years without an update, Canon is finally giving their 50mm f1.8 lens some new moxy. This is their third iteration in the EOS lineup and it seems to combine the best of both of the previous versions. The Canon 50mm f1.8 III has a metal mount, seven aperture blades, new lens coatings and a new STM motor for more silent focusing.

The new lens can focus and close at 14 inches away, has a 49mm front filter thread and weighs in at only 5.61 oz.

Best of all: it’s still cheap on the price-side of things.

The new lens will be available for $125 and is currently on pre-order at B&H Photo. Shipping begins later this month.

We’ve got no word if this thing is capable of resolving the 50MP Canon 5Ds or 5DsR; but if it is then it has stepped leaps and bounds ahead of lots of the company’s L lenses.

Kevin-Lee The Phoblographer -Fujifilm XF 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR Lens Product Images (4 of 5)


Fujifilm X-T1 users are being treated to a massive firmware update coming this June–and it’s designed to highly improve the autofocus performance. According to Fujifilm, it’s going to include a new autofocus system with zone and wide/tracking mode that can go from 3×3, 3×5 or 5×5 along the 77 focusing points. According to Fujifilm, the firmware update is also supposed to improve tracking focus performance substantially.

But the firmware is bringing other Autofocus performance goodies too, like improvements to single focusing point abilities–which now divides the focus area into smaller sections to more accurately determine the distance to the subject for even greater focusing accuracy. Additionally, the built-in phase detection pixels have increased sensitivity from 2.5EV to 0.5EV.

If you’re a portrait shooter, the system is also getting eye-focusing which lets the system detect an eye and focus specifically on that. Even more, an Auto Macro function is coming that automatically switches the camera into the Macro mode while maintaining the conventional auto focus speed. That means you no longer have to press the Macro button to initiate a close-up shot.

The update is coming in late June 2015, and you should also check out our Fujifilm X-T1 review.


Manual focusing is sometimes just easier for lots of us–but some lenses don’t make it so simple due to smaller focusing rings or just overall ergonomics. That’s the problem that LensTAAB is trying to fix. Many old Leica and M mount lenses already have a sort of tab attached to them. This makes finger placement easier and also makes the pushing and pulling o the focusing ring much easier. But for years, ti was limited to only a couple of M mount lenses. Even Zeiss’s DSLR lenses didn’t have them!

The LensTAAB is a ring that goes around the focusing ring and gives you the tab that makes pushing and pulling much simpler. If you’re the type that loves to manually focus or work with older glass, then this can be a godsend. Using the ring’s inner teeth, the Taab connects to the focusing ring and focuses the lens when you push or pull. From what we’re seeing so far, we’d honestly love the teeth to also be on the outside and pretty much replace the need for the focusing ring also entirely. But we will have to put one to the test to give our final thoughts.

The tabs are made of neoprene and the company claims that they’ll stay on without issues. We won’t know until we get a review unit in; but production versions are supposed to start shipping this Spring.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.40.27 AM

Images used with permission from Eugene Smith

Double exposure images are fun and super creative once you get the right hang of it, but a new Photoshop action is looking to make double exposure work really simple. Photographer Eugene Smith has created this simple action, and for $4, you can create better double exposures and then fine tune them accordingly in Photoshop.

Of course, you won’t be the photographers who do double exposures in their camera and doing this within digital cameras is also possible if your camera allows it, Now, if you’re a Photoshop user, you can create awesome double exposures with ease.

More details are after the jump.

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Many modern flashes are designed around the hot shoe of your camera; and while that isn’t necessarily a problem, a new Kickstarter wants to change that. They’re called radioSTROBE, and it’s a radio flash system similar to the Profoto AIR system that is very much all about radio connectivity first.

Their first product is called the lynqR-1 and the flash has an internal battery pack and doesn’t use AA batteries. To trigger it, you use the lynqT-1 remote that sides into the hot shoe of your camera. It’s currently available for Canon and Nikon DSLRs and can allow for full manual, TTL, high speed sync and second curtain flash usage. Unfortunately, there is no word on Sony, Fujifilm or Olympus availability yet.

The downside: According to the Kickstarter the flash seems weaker than the closest Nikon and Canon competitors. Tech specs are after the jump along with the demo video.

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