Fotodiox Quietly Announces New Line of GFX Lens Adapters

GFX Lens Adapters

Today Fotodiox Pro quietly announced five new lens adapters for the forthcoming Fujifilm GFX 50S mirrorless medium format camera. Interestingly enough, the five new Fotodiox adapters for Fujifilm’s GFX camera include three full-frame to G-mount adapters for Nikon’s F-mount, Canon’s EF-mount, and Olympus’s legacy OM-mount (35mm) lenses. Rounding out the current lineup, Fotodiox also announced adapters for Contax and Mamiya 645 lenses as well.

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We’ve Almost Fully Funded Our Analog Photography Zine Kickstarter! Help Us!

Hey everyone,

We’ve got some very promising news: our Kickstarter is almost fully funded. We’re that much closer to being able to deliver an evocative zine showcasing the work and thought processes of some of the best modern analog photographers in the world. Nothing would make us (and many of you) happier. Our goal asks for $3,000–which is honestly nothing to get a 100 page zine off the ground.

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We’ve Got a Week Left to Fund Our Analog Photography Zine (And Our Special Workshop!)

With one week left in our Kickstarter, we need to raise only $1,000 more dollars to get complete funding in order for us to put out one of the best zines featuring modern analog photographers today. The zine is going to be a beautiful, high quality, limited edition magazine that will adorn your coffee table as a centerpiece. At any time, you’ll be able to pick it up and page through fantastic and well printed photos by these photographers in addition to understanding their psyche. Their stories will seek to inspire both pro and amateur photographer alike.

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The Canon 77D Is for the Amateur Photographer That Doesn’t Think They’re Very Amateur But Not Quite Intermediate Yet

Today, Canon is introducing a few new products that have apparently been terribly kept secrets but also have been making some scratch their heads. To start, the new Canon 77D is supposed to live above the Canon T6s but below the Canon 80D. Why? Well, I’m sure that there’s a good reason if they’re literally creating a new line of camera for it. In some ways, you can imagine it as the two cameras semi-sort of smushed together into one and removing the weather sealing.

But perhaps more exciting is the company’s new Canon T7i or the Canon M6.

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Think Tank’s New Signature Series Bags Are Here; Look Pretty Nice

Think Tank, the maker of popular and stylish camera bags, has just announced their new Signature Series of soft shoulder bags. The new bags are made of a nylon/polyester blend that Think Tank says is as soft as wool, but has the benefit of being water resistant.

The bags come in two sizes: 10″ and 13″, and are primarily meant for smaller mirrorless systems than full bodies DSLR kits (though smaller DSLR kits will work fine as well). Think Tank says the bags should be able to accommodate a body and about three lenses, with the larger 13″ version also sporting enough room for a 13″ laptop.

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