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Canon See Impossible revealed

Welp so much for Canon’s “See Impossible” teaser leading to anything even remotely interesting for camera gear heads. As it turns out Canon is launching a new marketing campaign that focuses on successful, self-published artists. On the company’s new microsite you’ll find series of videos highlighting how using Canon products, from a Canon 5D Mk III to a printer, lead to the success of indie creatives.

One 45-second video on the site for instance shows how an author used her Canon printer to self-publish her book and become a best seller—because it’s just that easy!

Folks: what Canon has done here is created its own Hallmark channel of advertising videos.

Canon also has plans to make sure its ads are seen everywhere starting today with takeover ads on YouTube. You can also expect to see these self-promotional videos all over CNNgo as well. Meanwhile, Ad Week reports the camera maker will partner with the Bleacher Report to display ads during this month’s Major League Baseball post season.

Via Canon Watch

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Macro Flash Adapter

Image courtesy of the Flash Adapter website

We don’t think we’ve ever encountered something this special ops looking in the photo world, but this new Macro Flash Adapter may take the cake. It has an incredibly interesting design that takes light from your hot shoe mounted flash and distributes it to the four panels that you see. It is much different from the contemporary ring flash adapter which ideally is in the shape of a perfect ring. But this adapter fills in the sides, top, and the direct light. This takes the light from a single flash and spreads it out over a smaller area compared to a ring flash but puts the light in the spots where it really counts. There is no word on how much light loss there is but based on previous ring flashes adapters that we’ve worked with, we’re guessing around a single stop of light loss. If you’re shooting in TTL, then get ready to add +1 EV to your flash output. All of the panel are really big too when talking about objects at the macro scale–so the light will obviously be very soft.

The Flash Adapter is of Polish origin and created by photo enthusiasts Agnieszka and Ernest Lysak.

A video of how this crazy contraption works is after the jump.

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Fujifilm 35mm f1.4 patent

It has been a couple of years since Fujifilm released their 35mm f1.4 lens with the announcement of the interchangeable lens X series cameras. And Fuji Rumors has spotted a brand new patent for a refresh of the lens. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it may hit the market but it of course does mean that they’re thinking about it. The site is reporting that we may see a refresh in the early part of next year.

This brings up a very big question overall about the industry: with sensor technology moving ahead at such a rapid pace, will lens technology also do the same? Years ago, lenses would last you 10 years easily–but now it seems like that lifespan is being cut in half. For example, Panasonic updated their 20mm f1.7 lens after five years. Sigma also updated their 50mm f1.4 after around six years.

This makes us sad for the future lifespan of lenses.

Creative Cloud Libraries in Photoshop CC

At Adobe Max today, Adobe is announcing even further integration between their products in the Creative Cloud. They’re called Creative Libraries and Extract. They’re both designed to help you to create even more projects between Photoshop, Premiere Pro CC, and Illustrator. The emphasis is on both mobile and desktop support. With that said, there is a lot of built in touch support–like on Windows 8 and Surface Pro 3.

What photographers will really care about though has to do with Photoshop CC and Lightroom Mobile. According to the Adobe Press release:

“In the Photoshop family, Photoshop Sketch lets creatives draw with new built-in expressive brushes and enables an integrated workflow with Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. Updates to Photoshop Mix extend precise mobile compositing capabilities and now includes enhanced integration with Photoshop CC, as well as a new iPhone version. A new Lightroom Mobile app builds on integrated desktop and mobile workflows and includes features to allow clients, friends or family to select favorites and leave comments for photos shared online; and GPS information from iPhone photos now syncs with Lightroom desktop.”

More or less, this sounds a bit like Lightroom is becoming a tool that is extending more onto the web to take on services like Smugmug or other services that let clients see images beforehand. Except in this case, they’re seeing them from the workflow app (or program) itself. Of course, this is all still for iOS devices and those of us that given our swords to Google will have to wait.

More details are after the jump.

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Canon See Impossible

Update: It’s a major let down.

It seems Canon has a big announcement coming tomorrow. Over the weekend Canon printed a teaser ad in the New York Times filled with cryptic text and bold statement that the camera company can “SEE IMPOSSIBLE.” The text posted in full past the break is all a bit nonsensical, however the ad also included a link pointing to a website with a countdown clock.

As of this writing, the countdown clock has whittled down to just over 24 hours, which means we will see what Canon has in store for us at 9am tomorrow. At Photokina the camera maker put on a rather flaccid show with the most exciting bits being the Canon 7D Mark II and Canon G7x. So perhaps this is the camera that could finally get us excited about Canon after so long.

There are plenty of theories as to what this camera could be. For instance the rumor mill has been churning about a high-megapixel DSLR to best the 36MP Nikon D810. Another theory is Canon could introduce some amazing new glass or even a mirrorless camera we’ll actually care about. The possibilities are nearly endless so let us know what you think Canon will announce in the comments below.

Via Canon Watch

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Profoto is expanding their existing lineup of parabolic umbrellas by announcing six new ones today. These six new models are said to be small, lightweight, deep and parabolic in shape (meaning that it pitches the light forward much more. These are complementary to the previous lineup announced last year

The smallest of the bunch comes in a 33 inches and is called the Profoto Umbrella Deep S (for small). It can come in white, silencer or translucent (shoot through.) But there is also a medium version being announced called the Deep M which comes in at 41 inches..

Profoto states that the deep and round shape comes from having lots of umbrella rods–16 actually. Of course, you can also get diffusion socks for the umbrellas or a back panel for the translucent version.

More images are after the jump along with a product video. The umbrellas being used in action can be seen at Profoto’s blog.

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