The ONE Backpack Has a Protective Shell For Your Camera Gear

The ONE Backpack is a bit of a weird one–it’s a backpack for sure but then it also comes with a hard protective shell sort of like a turtle. Their Kickstarter marketing campaign is pitching it to be fashionable in some circles like the Urban Wear circuit. The ONE is designed by two architects, and when it isn’t in turtle mode, the bag has a polygonal shape to it. The main objective: protection for your gear on the inside. While it isn’t being specifically pitched as a camera bag, it’s being pitched as something for the everyday worker who happens to also have camera gear with them. Though when using the shell, it could be one of the best protected backpacks available.

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UPDATED: After 2019, Fujifilm Acros 100 4×5 Cut Sheet Film Will No Longer Be in Production

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve added updates to this article.

Today, Fujifilm officially announced that after 2019, Fujifilm Acros 100 4×5 cut sheet film will no longer be in production. This statement is currently being applied only to the 4×5 cut sheet film and it is currently unclear if it will apply to the 35mm and 120 emulsion offerings, but we will confirm this in the morning. Fujifilm Acros 100 is a very interesting black and white film in that it offers a very fine grain but also is very versatile. As we’ve mentioned many times in this month’s coverage on La Noir Image, it can be pushed to 1600 with great results. We also did a review of Fujifilm Acros 100 earlier this month right here.

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Red River’s New Palo Duro Etching Paper is Designed to Emulate the Darkroom Look

It’s not every day or even every quarter of a year that new paper gets announced, but in the case of the new Red River Palo Duro Etching there’s a big reason for photographers to get excited. The paper is made of 100% cotton rag which is designed to present the look of classic fine art prints that can be produced in the darkroom. For that reason, Red River is positing the paper for black and white photographers, portrait photographers, and landscape photographers. To that end, Red River explains they went deep into the physical feed of the paper and to render warm, natural tones with deep blacks. Theoretically, that means you’re most likely going to be locking your white balance to daylight before you print; but of course that also depends on what kind of lighting you’re in.

More information is after the jump below. We’re going to ask Red River for some samples and get to printing.

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Lomography Announces a Brand New Formula for LomoChrome Purple 400

It’s been a few years since Lomography announced LomoChrome Purple, and just today they’ve announced a new update to the film. The new Lomochrome Purple 400 film is designed to be a whole lot more stable. With that said, we start out with a recommended and set exposure at ISO 400 vs the previous version of the film which was said to need a lot of light. To that end, it wasn’t uncommon that photographers shot it at ISO 200 or even 100. The new Lomochrome Purple will continue to shift blues to greens, greens to purples and yellows to pinks. The new emulsion increases the film’s sensitivity to red hues.

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The Laowa Venus Optics Magic Format Converter Increases the Imaging Circle for Full Frame Lenses to Fujifilm GFX

Before you go on in full glee, know that the Laowa Venus Optics Magic Format Converter isn’t exactly what you think it is. Yes, it’s a converter for the Fujifilm GFX camera system and therefore one of the mounts on the converter is G format. However, it doesn’t work in the same way that a speedbooster does. To help you fully understand this, let us explain.

A speedbooster takes a lens from a larger format, puts it onto a smaller format, and both widens the lens and makes its aperture faster. So a 35mm f1.4 Sigma Art with a speedbooster attached to a Sony a6500 will become a 24mm f1.2 basically. That’s how the system and the idea work. Though that’s not the case with the Laowa Venus Optics Magic Format Converter.

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This Rare Carl Zeiss Jena BIOTAR 75mm F1.5 Red T Lens Will Cost You $15,200.00

We’ve known for years that Zeiss lenses are pretty pricey, but a rare Carl Zeiss Jena BIOTAR 75mm F1.5 Red T lens is taking the cake in so many different ways–going for $15,200 on eBay. The lens is an offering from Zeiss that of course is hard to get your hands on and for many reasons is really coveted. But by today’s standards it’s probably really a foreign idea to lots of photographers. The lens is an M42 mount–which was popular back in the day. The M42 mount is a screw mount system that includes a number of really fantastic lenses. Zeiss, Schneider, Pentax and the likes of Vivitar amongst others made some really good lenses in that mount that even today really astound me. Lenses back then also had a particular character about them–with the Zeiss Jena offerings being made in East Germany.

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The Profoto B1X Is Promising the Widest HSS Flash Range, More Power

Profoto isn’t calling the new Profoto B1X monolight an update, but instead it’s a replacement in a pretty big way. Most importantly, the Profoto B1X is offering a lot more LED Modeling light power (which works great double duty for video) and 50% more power overall. Many other Profoto lights hold quite a bit of juice, so these are just extra icing it seems. Of course, these lights are being targeted at real working pros who absolutely need that type of light output power and not the semi-professionals or photographers that do well enough with just a single flash.

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