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Mexico, Baja California, Sea of Cortez. Scuba Divers at the bottom admiring a big school of Jacks forming a wall found at the protected marine area of Cabo Pulmo.

Mexico, Baja California, Sea of Cortez. Scuba Divers at the bottom admiring a big school of Jacks forming a wall found at the protected marine area of Cabo Pulmo.

All images in this post were used with permission from the Neutral Density awards.

Yesterday, the winners of the Neutral Density photography awards were announced. Now, apparently the images don’t need to be shot using a Neutral Density filter, but that doesn’t matter either way when many of the images are so incredibly inspiring. SOME IMAGES ARE NSFW!

If you’re looking for some inspiration to get your week started off right, check out the winners after the jump.

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Capture One Pro has always arguably had a better approach to thinking about the editing workflow of your images than Adobe Lightroom, and today Phase One is announcing Capture One Pro 9. Amongst the changes are tweaks to the contrast engine, curves, battery status for a tethered camera, etc. One of the biggest and most exciting changes has to do with DNG support and how the program will render colors in the exact same way that the camera itself did.

Key details from the press release are after the jump.

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The year 2015 was an incredible one for photography; and we saw lots of awesome and great advancements when it came to cameras, lenses, camera bags, and software. With that said, the complete list of products that the site has reviewed and awarded an Editor’s Choice Rating to is after the jump.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 7.18.38 PM

The deals that you want for Cyber Monday are live now. To start, you may want to check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals page for photography. A bunch of really amazing deals are otherwise listed after the jump.

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Fotografia de Basquete de Rua da LIIBRA por dhani b 2

All images by Dhani Borges. Used with permission.

“…as I flipped through the magazine I thought, “I could do this, taking skate photos is easy!”, if only I knew how hard it is.” says photographer Dhani Borges about how he got into photography. Dhani’s love of skating stuck with him as he moved from Vancouver to Brazil.

As a working photographer since 2000, he’s worked on creating better photos of athletes that have more of an impact. This started with skating and believe it or not, Dhani used to hate taking portraits. “Currently I find myself shooting for companies that organize marathons and other running related events, food photography, architecture work and major construction projects.” says Dhani.


More than anything though, Dhani proves what’s capable with minimal gear and a great creative vision.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer product tutorial photos (20 of 22)ISO 4001-100 sec at f - 2.8

What images do you have in your photography portfolio? Lots of photographers have one and while some photographers choose to carefully choose the images they show to the world, others will simply throw them up on the web and not give a damn about the views.

This post is not for those people.

Instead, it’s for the more discerning photographers among us that want to know how to actually develop a better portfolio of images. To that end, you need to be brutal on yourself in order to actually make yourself better.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 11.07.23 AM

In general, photographers really hate the spot color method–which renders a scene in black and white only to bring in a single color. For many years, it was an overused consumer feature on cameras that was done very, very poorly. However, a 2010 video from AEG Perfunkt shows it off being used incredibly well. As a creative story telling device, it lends itself perfectly to the subject matter–the creation of Steak Tartare.

The video, which is all in black and white, features butcher Jack O’Shea talking about specific cuts of beef. Then when he brings out the ingredients and talks about them, we see the ingredients in color. Nothing else in the video is colorized–not even Jack himself. To that end, the video uses the power of composing by color and telling a story through color to grab the viewer’s attention.

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All images by Daniel Schaefer. Used with permission.

If you’re not familiar with who photographer Daniel Schaefer is, then what you should know first and foremost is that he is probably one of the most driven, self-motivated and determined photographers under the age of 30 that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He’s been featured on Japan Camera Hunter and also here on the site before. Daniel has worked for Leica and so many other companies in the industry; he demonstrates the drive that it takes to survive in the creative world.

For the past couple of years, he’s been shooting, studying and honing his craft in the photography space. He’s also become significantly better at portraiture.

To book a portrait session or one on one custom tailored workshop with Daniel, visit his website.

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