Boosting Your Creativity as a Photographer Through Self Care

As a creative, I’ve grown to be protective of my ability to actually be creative. Did you know that the human mind can experience decision fatigue? Some sources cite that the average adult makes around 35,000 decisions a day. This means that at some point during the day we can literally grow weary of making decisions that serve us well. Often ordering a coffee in the morning uses up dozens of those decisions. In fact, most of us use almost 300 decisions just around food. Even more often we make our worst decisions at night, whether it is with wine, ice cream, snacks, etc). It is useful to establish habits that reserve as many decisions as possible to be used on the important creative decisions we will make as artists.

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The Ultimate Hipster Camera Will Help You “Grow a Beard or a Legit Mustache”

Folks: it’s time to step your game up. Peruse various Facebook Marketplace groups and you probably won’t see a lot of listings with much sparkle, but Zalmy Berkowitz is pretty darned good about selling his Rolleiflex 2.8f. He brands it as the ultimate hipster camera that’s GUARANTEED to change your life forever. Already a well known camera, his version is the equivalent of Excalibur for the photographer.

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Rejoice! RNI All Films 4 Lite Finally Comes to Capture One

RNI Films told us that this day was coming a while ago, and finally we’ve got the news: RNI All Films 4 Lite is finally here for Capture One. The preset package was previously only available for Photoshop and Lightroom but we’ve finally got it for Capture One–which more and more photographers have been picking up due to frustration with how Lightroom’s processing algorithms and sloth-like speed have been letting them down. For those only aware of VSCO and Mastin, RNI Films basically is another set of presets but based on science and a massive archive of images.

This package offers 39 presets for photographers and that list is after the jump.

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Six Film Emulsions to Travel With on Your Next Trip (and a Few Recommended Cameras)

Lots of photographers are wary of bringing film with them on their next airplane trip, but the experienced photographers have learned how to do it. Sure, your phone, a good point and shoot, or a small ILC camera will work great but there is something absolutely unique about what film will do for the experience. Typically, folks love to look at and fall in love with their travel photos as soon as possible. But when you delay that otherwise instant gratification just a bit, you’ll be much more thoroughly surprised later on. Even if you shoot instant film, there’s still a Je Ne Sais Quoi about that moment that enhances the experience.

Here are a few of our favorite film emulsions

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This Book Might Be The End of Photography As We Know It

In his new book ‘General View,’ photographer Thomas Albdorf pieces together a travel diary from photos found on the internet. Like some sort of virtual mountaineering enthusiast, Thomas Albdorf scours hundreds of images of idyllic landscapes online to splice together a picturesque postcard of a place he hasn’t been to, a souvenir of a time he hasn’t experienced. Albdorf’s newly released book General View is a collection of photographic-based images, specifically of Yosemite National Park, that he uses to build a fictional holiday narrative of hiking in the mountains with his dad.

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Myrna Martinez: The Poetry of a Serial Archivist

All images and words by Myrna Martinez. Photography in Poetry is a new series that we’re starting blending the art of photography with the expressive nature of poetry.

For thirty years I’ve had a camera in my hand, never taking it too serious. I’m the gal with everyone’s picture, every event documented. I’m a serial archivist.

I’ve also been writing poetry for the same amount of time; actually, I think I started writing a couple of years before I got my hands on a camera. I’d sell my poetry for .25 cents when I was 12 years old. Actually, I think I only sold two or three pieces. One to my mom.

I’m not going to say I’m any good at either. As a matter of fact, if I dwelled on the idea that I should be so much better, I’d stop creating entirely. But, I have to write. And viewing life through a viewfinder gives me a superpower to inspect things closely. To take my time on the details. I’m in awe of everything I see.

Instagram: merniemern — writings under #mernwrites.

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How to Choose the Right Portrait Lens for You

Portrait photography, in general, is one of the most popular niches in the industry and often one of the first things a new photographer attempts to master as they hone their craft. But a key to appealing portraits is making a good lens selection based on the look you are attempting to produce.

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