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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Zeiss 35mm f2 review product images (2 of 6)ISO 8001-50 sec at f - 2.0

Zeiss has always been known for their quality, precision, and craftsmanship since before their rangefinder days. And while going through our Reviews index, we found that we skipped over this one. Sure, it’s been out for a while, but the Zeiss 35mm f2 delivers a look that many will fall in love with. In today’s world of lens technology progressing super fast, does Zeiss really need to update this lens? Or can it still find a home with a niche crowd?

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Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Cotton Carrier StrapShot EV1 Product Image 3

Cotton Carrier is known to build some of the most rugged camera carrying systems in the photo industry and now it’s out with a new product Kickstarter designed for smaller compact system cameras. Called the StrapShot EV1, it combines a camera plate carrier with a safety tether that Cotton Carrier promises is a simple and reliable hands-free solution.

The StrapShot EV1 attaches to almost any camera bag by wrapping any strap as well as to a pants belt. The safety tether adds an extra security bungee that also extends far enough to let photographers shoot unhindered. Like the Peak Design camera clip Cotton Carrier’s system uses an aluminum connector that screws into the camera’s tripod mount. After that the camera simply slides and locks into place with the EV1.When shooters aren’t using the clip the safety tether can be used as a hand strap by itself.

According to Cotton Carrier, the EV1 has been made with durable materials including hard-anodized aluminum, virtually indestructible Lexan thermoplastic, and a ballistic grade Denier material.

Currently the StrapShot EV1 is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter to help make it a reality. As of this writing the project is just shy of reaching half its $30,000 CAD (about $27,926 USD) goal. If you’re interested in picking up your own StrapShot EV1 you can put in a pledge of $39 (about $36 USD) for an expected delivery date in November 2014. Check past the break for more images and video of the StrapShot EV1.

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Lomography Cine200

Lomography has a new film emulsion–sort of.

In some very recent news, the company announced their new Cine200 Tungsten film. From the name and the coloring, it sounds very similar to what was done previous by Cinestill. Basically, it involves unwinding rolls of Kodak cinema film and repackaging it into a 35mm still film casing. We wouldn’t really call this ripping it off; instead we’re more about embracing the experimental happening that may occur in the right creative’s hands.

In fact, Lomo is completely clear about this. According to them,

This emulsion is an authentic cine film, which has been specially treated so that it can be used in your 35mm film camera. What this means: it will yield phenomenal photos that look like stills from a movie! It’s convenient too, because this Color Negative Film can be processed normally in C-41.”

And as a result, it’s a limited batch of only 4,000 rolls.

Working with this film will indeed be tough for many though. Since it’s Tungsten, then you’ll need to work with a very warm light source to equalize it on the color scale.

We’re in the process of calling in a couple of rolls for review; so just stay tuned.


We’re just going to repost the details here after the jump. Yes, it’s worldwide. Yes, all ages can enter. No, it’s not a Facebook contest. But you have a chance to win this awesome kit from us and BorrowLenses.

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006_the_vampire_mvhv 2

All images created by The Saline Project. Used with permission.

Something scary but really cool comes this way with The Saline Project’s awesome series “Monsters, Villains, Heroes and Victims.”

The same studio that brought us that awesome dystopian-themed Mars Volta video for “Televators” and those bizarre Dunkin Donuts commercials that involved fire breathers, a small army of welders, and a dragon are back with an awesome project that will delight graphic novel fans and horror movie enthusiasts alike.

Brothers Adam and Ben Toht and 3D artist Jesse Roff teamed up again to bring us this awesome series of animated GIF images, featuring the horror characters in history we all know and love to be terrified of – the Frankenstein monster, a wolfman, Dracula, and the Loch Ness monster, to name a few. The images’ stereoscopic effect and film noir look combined make these characters extra creepy, as if you’re watching one of those classic black-and-white horror movies in 3D or worse, stuck in one of your nightmares.

Dubbed “MVHV” for short, this horror series is classic yet refreshing at the same time and a must-see for everyone. See some of the images from it after the jump.

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julius motal lightroom mobile iphone 06

The pocketable Lightroom was the next logical step in the expanding Lightroom ecosystem, and it arrives on the heels of the iPad version. Both the iPhone and iPad versions offer, more or less, the same degree of functionality, and in order to use Lightroom Mobile, you’ll need to be plugged into the Creative Cloud subscription universe. Lightroom, on the whole, is ideal for those working with images en masse, as opposed to longer retouching sessions where a program like Photoshop would be the better choice. Lightroom Mobile for iPhone, like its iPad variant, is a scaled down version of the full editing suite.

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