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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Tamron 35mm f1.8 Di VC product images (2 of 5)ISO 1001-320 sec at f - 2.0

Hey folks!

We’re teaming up with Tamron to give away one a new SP 35mm F/1.8 Di VC USD prime lens, to one lucky winner in the world. Want to win this contest?

Check out the details below:

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Canon 5Ds

For Black Friday 2015, here are loads of deals that you’ll be happy to see. Make sure to keep checking this post throughout the day as it’s updated.

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Batavia head coach Brennan Briggs (middle) gets the championship ice batch from players Nick Amico (65), Greg Mruczek (14), Eric Davis (5) and Clayton Gorski (74) following Batavia's 52-20 win over Livonia in the Section V Class B Championship game at Sahlen's Stadium in Rochester.

Batavia head coach Brennan Briggs (middle) gets the championship ice batch from players Nick Amico (65), Greg Mruczek (14), Eric Davis (5) and Clayton Gorski (74) following Batavia’s 52-20 win over Livonia in the Section V Class B Championship game at Sahlen’s Stadium in Rochester.

All images by Michael Johnson. Used with permission.

Photographer Michael Johnson has been a freelance sports shooter since 1994, and he didn’t know that he wanted to make it his career until college. “While at SUNY Brockport I took over the photo editor position at the school paper, The Stylus, which is when I finally choose to make a career out of my passion for photography. When I graduated in 2000 I came home knowing I what I wanted to do but not fully how to accomplish it.” says Mike about a dilemma that every photographer faces. “I went back to freelancing and in 2002 I was hired full time by the Livingston County News out of Geneseo, NY.”

Over the years, Mike has photographed loads of sports: football, basketball, baseball, etc. with the help of supportive parents. When he started, he would shoot sports with a Pentax K1000. He’s come a long way from when he first started shooting at the age of 5 with a plastic camera modelled after the Smurfs.

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Thanksgiving For Two-5

All images in this story used with permission. Lead photo by Betty Liu.

With America’s Thanksgiving Day happening today, you’re bound to be taking loads and loads of images that you’ll enjoy and share on social media with many others. To create those better images, the Phoblographer has pooled a few American food photographers that have been interviewed on the site before. Here, they all give you insightful, artistic and technical tips on creating images of the big meal.

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All images by Arthur Yu Shi. Used with permission.

Photographer Arthur Yu Shi is a neuroscientist who works in research–and he does photography on the side as a hobby. He bought his first DSLR (a Nikon D5100 kit) when travelling to Kuala Lumpur in 2011. Arthur tells The Phoblographer that he mostly shoots cityscapes and travel photos.

Instead of going for the more expensive lenses, Arthur initially went for older Nikon primes. “With no exposure metering nor autofocus supported on my entry-level DSLR, I managed to pick-up the fundamental knowledge of photography quickly.” says Arthur. “These include getting the exposure right, trying different compositions and basic photo editing.”

After coming across his EyeEm profile, I found lots of his images to be portraits–stunning portraits in fact. It’s something that he only recently got into when his best friend request him to shoot a portrait for her. So he went about researching how to do it. “After several portrait sessions with her, I gradually found my confidence in doing portrait works and slowly learning more techniques to fulfil different kinds of portrait photography.”

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Fujifilm 35mm f2 WR vs Fujifilm 35mm f1.4 Comparison post images (1 of 5)ISO 4001-200 sec at f - 2.8

Editor’s Note: This is a syndicated blog post from RivasVS. It is being republished with permission. All words and images are from Chris Mollon and are being used with permission.

Hello, my name is Chris Mollon and I am a photographer dealing with a constant struggle for more gear. Okay, let’s be honest, that last sentence could have been about almost every photographer, simply take out my name, implement theirs and the statement would still true. This is going to be my story about how I found the greatest camera system ever made and why I left it to use something else.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Interfit S1 product images (6 of 10)ISO 2001-30 sec at f - 2.8

When you look at the TTL Monolight market, you’ve got Profoto, Phottix and the latest option is the Interfit S1. Interfit hasn’t been a household name like Profoto, Phottix, Bowens, Elinchrom or Paul C Buff, but with the S1 we get the impression that the company wants to do more with what they have. Interfit is trying to give strobists almost every feature that you can get with Phottix and Profoto, but at a more affordable price in the S1.

Typically, that comes with tradeoffs. As of the publication of this review, those tradeoffs involve reliability issues that Interfit says they’re working on. But the rest seems solid.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer 4V Design strap review (10 of 10)ISO 4001-100 sec at f - 2.8

4V Design is a company that not only tries to design beautiful straps, but is doing something a bit different by attempting to innovate on the way that the basic functionality performs. Take the 4V Design ALA leather and canvas strap for example: it provides enough ergonomic comfort for use with a DSLR but also enough for use with a smaller camera. Then there’s the signature 4V Design shoulder pad and how incredibly comfortable it is.

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