From Belushi to Warhol: Marcia Resnick’s Portraits of the Bad Boys Of 1970s New York Counterculture

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Marcia Resnick spent much of the 1970s and 80s photographing the marginalized, talented and creative souls — as well as some pretty famous rockers and poets — who were drawn like a magnet to dirty, old, low-rent and near-bankrupt New York City. They came there, Marcia observed, to re-invent themselves. “Musicians, writers, artists, photographers, filmmakers and dancers would congregate at clubs like the Mudd, Max’s and CBGB where they would enjoy the music and begin to collaborate on art projects.” Out of this scene came a mixture of punk rockers, transvestites, performers, and older counterculture figures who Resnick found intriguing.

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Canon CarePAK Plus Accidental Damage Protection Now Includes Data Recovery

Sales service and support have become an integral part of today’s modern imaging products. Thus, camera manufacturers are offering product warranty and additional professional technical support, providing reassurance to their consumers. Maybe that’s why Canon USA has recently announced they have added data recovery services into their accidental damage protection plan, Canon CarePAK Plus.

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Fotodiox Quietly Announces New Line of GFX Lens Adapters

GFX Lens Adapters

Today Fotodiox Pro quietly announced five new lens adapters for the forthcoming Fujifilm GFX 50S mirrorless medium format camera. Interestingly enough, the five new Fotodiox adapters for Fujifilm’s GFX camera include three full-frame to G-mount adapters for Nikon’s F-mount, Canon’s EF-mount, and Olympus’s legacy OM-mount (35mm) lenses. Rounding out the current lineup, Fotodiox also announced adapters for Contax and Mamiya 645 lenses as well.

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Isaac Alvarez’s Humorous Portraits Merged Dog Heads with Human Bodies

All images by Isaac Alvarez. Used with permission. 

The most interesting portraiture work can include elements of humor, unusual concepts, provocative ideas, and meaningful messages the photographer intends to get across. Isaac Alvarez successfully blended all of these in his series of beautiful portraits featuring different breeds of dogs with their respective owners.

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Useful Photography Tip #172: Don’t Forget About Graduated Filters in The Editing Process

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Ask any landscape photographer and they’ll tell you that one of their most valuable tools is a graduated ND filter. But sometimes they’re just not available on you when you’re shooting. Luckily though, you’ve got them built into Lightroom and Capture One Pro 10. And you can use them to get a whole lot more detail from the skies when you go shooting, and later on when you’re editing.

The best thing to typically do in post-production is first ensure that your exposure was taken as low contrast as possible or by underexposing to get more details from the highlights in your sky. Then pull the graduated ND filter down, nerf the exposure, and adjust the contrast and highlights as you see fit.

When you’re done, just go back to editing the entire photo and have fun.

The key here: have fun just like I said. I don’t usually shoot landscapes but the photos after the jump will show you what I was able to do in the editing process.

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