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Tom Krieger’s Double Exposures Make Interesting Use of Textures


All images by Tom Krieger. Used with permission

“I like to combine sometimes architecture structures, nature and human forms.” says Tom Krieger on his double exposure work. “After combining the double exposure I love to use some other apps like Mextures to add lights and structures. Matter is a really great app, too.”

We discovered his work on EyeEm during the recent awards. Tom Krieger is what like to call a true photographer. He started 25 years ago with his first Nikon without AF just for fun. “Later on I used this camera to experiment for example long exposures in the mountains of the French Alps or as an action cam on my hang glider also as a landscape photographer.” Unlike other photographers and wannabes, he understands that the camera is just a tool as a painter and illustrator to paint in a photorealistic style.

“Today I use several digital cameras and lenses and have my own studio for reference shootings. My iPhone is always with me and my point-and-shoot cam.”

Mr. Krieger states that he loves to create images with his iPhone. “It is this simplicity to focus on the essentials of the image design. And I love to play around with apps.” states Tom. He explains his process as working with apps like Diana. After this he scrolls through his other images on his phone to combine with the one he just show. Then he plays around with apps until he gets exactly what he wants from the image.

“I think when a photo is different from others it allows interpretations. I do not really care whether it is a successful image or not. I’m relatively detached in this matter. That makes me feel unbound and detached.”

More of Tom’s images are after the jump.

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Matthew Coleman’s Image of Falling People is an Illusion

The Illusionist

Image by Matthew Coleman. Used with permission.

“Serendipity.” That’s what photographer Matt Coleman says about the image above that he created and shared on the EyeEm platform. The image put Mr. Coleman in the running for the recent EyeEm awards for the Illusionist–a segment of the content dedicated to edited images. The image represents something that all photographers go through at many points in their career: wanting to try something else.

“I recently took out about two-thirds of my website, as I seem to be moving in a completely different direction with my photography, with a want to push into the direction of art tableau, of getting back to my love of Caravaggio (with the shadows and lighting), and with the inspiration of myths and art history, parallel worlds and minimalism, along with altered states of consciousness, though in a reductive, distilled way…”

Matthew says that the image was created as complete happenstance. He says that he was at the Olympus Playground in Berlin throughout the summer with friends who were playing about on a Leandro Erlich installation (they are the two in the central part of the frame, and were goofing about in the window). What we actually see in the image is a mirror reflection of an installation on the ground to give off the look that we see.

“Two other girls were also interacting with this space, who were on the left-hand side, when one of them suddenly began running and there, in that instant, I caught the picture.” says Mr. Coleman. “For me, the thing that caught my eye over the other frames I shot was the appearance of falling, which in turn creates a kind of psychological reaction, or jarring, when seen with the figure running across the side of a building, which of course can’t work in the realm of physics, at least on this dimension.”

To create the image, Matt used a Canon 7D, and an L lens. “The image was made (in) B&W, and I had to carefully take out a line that cut straight across the picture, which came from the join in the mirrors that was used as it was not in a single sheet in the installation.”

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COLOR CHECKER: How To Get Perfect Skin Colors With Every Camera

Model: Lulu Geng

Model: Lulu Geng

One of the best kept secrets within the fashion and beauty photography is the way to obtain absolutely perfect and flawless skin colors, brightness and texture. That’s an art, absolutely, and often a quite technical challenge.

In this article I will explain how to obtain perfect skin colors, with the help of a ColorChecker. But not just a simple ColorChecker workflow with the standard, bundled software. No, there’s a neat trick which saves a lot of time and a lot of custom color editing (and desaturating) of skin tones.

It’s a quick, transparent automatic workflow, once set up and created. Your camera needs to shoot in RAW.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Hans van Eijsden’s Blog and has been republished with permission.

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Five Tips to Help You Efficiently Complete a Photography Assignment

Efficiently Complete A Photography Assignment-04076-20140814

When trying to become more serious about your photography, you’ll often go after photography assignments and gigs. You clients will need specific images for presentations, articles, etc. If they cannot find the right stock photography or create the images themselves, they hire a photographer to create these images for them. I have recently started going on assignments for my company and there are some lessons that I have learned. The biggest is that photography is a cooperative craft at times. Sometimes you have to capture another person’s vision.

Here are five tips from my experience to help you get through things quickly.

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Shooting Better Macro Images for Under $500


When shooting macro images, you don’t need the most top of the line gear or even the best camera. What you need instead is an effective setup to give you better images. If you’re using a macro lens with the ambient light in your home, you should know that you can spend a little bit of money and get so much more from the images without needing to crank up your camera’s ISO. This actually results in a bigger loss of details. The best way to do it is to go for an affordable lens, tripod and a great lighting setup for cheap.

Here are some of our favorite items to use for macro photography projects at home for under $500.

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Tomorrow is Your Last Day to Win a Sigma 85mm f1.4


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