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Video thumbnail for youtube video Matthew Jordan Smith Talks About The Specifics of Using Ring Flash - The Phoblographer

Photographer Matthew Jordan Smith is a Sony Artisan and has long been known as a top fashion photographer. A while back, he shared an amazing story with Profoto about how he photographed Tyra Banks using one of the most popular accessories for fashion: the ring flash.

Ring flashes come in two different varieties. The first is an actual flash tube that goes around the lens and that can output loads and loads of power. But photographers searching for something a bit more affordable to mere mortals often reach: and so flash modifiers were designed to work with hot shoe flashes. These modifiers go around the lens and work in a similar fashion, but instead take the existing flash output and bounce it around in a ring shape. Usually, there is one top of light loss associated with it so you always need to compensate by adding in an extra stop or a stop and a half of light output..

In the video, Mr. Smith talks a lot about how the image of Tyra was shot not just by putting her on a black background and shooting to his heart’s content. Instead, he goes into details like using flags to block out other light, specific positioning of Tyra, and giving her breaks because of what a ring flash can do to the eyes.

Profoto’s video on how to use a ring flash is after the jump. Want some recommendations of your own? We really like the Roundflash version II. In fact, we still use it on shoots when we’re testing lenses.

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Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Pentax K-S1 Sweets Collection Product Images-3

Just when we thought the Pentax K-S1 could not get any flashier, Ricoh has just released its LED lit DSLR in three new dessert inspired colors named Strawberry Cake, Blue Cream Soda and Lime Pie. In case you forgot the Pentax K-S1 strutted its way onto the camera scene with 12 different colors and a strip of LEDs.

Other than the new trio of “Sweets Collection” colors, this is still the same K-S1 underneath featuring a 20.12MP APS-C sized CMOS sensor. Despite the camera’s attention calling design, the K-S1 is still a serious Pentax shooter with a 1/6000th second maximum shutter speed, 5.4fps continuous shooting, and a maximum ISO of 51200.

On top of the lights along the front grip and surrounding the shutter button the camera has a bright 3-inch, 921,000-dot LCD on the back of the camera. The camera also come with a Flu Card, which is similar to an Eye-Fi Mobi card in that it creates a wireless LAN network to connect with smartphones and tablets.

These sweet inspired PENTAX K-S1 will be available this November in a kit with the SMC DA L 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 lens plus an included Flu Card for $699.

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Radiopopper photogenic trigger

Though Photogenic brand lights aren’t the most popular options, Radiopopper recently announced a new radio flash trigger designed specifically for those lights. Like the Paul C Buff Einstein receiver before it, this trigger will allow you to have power control over the lights when using a Jr2 trigger and have 16 radio channels. The receiver also has four groups/zones. If you don’t have a Jr2, then you can still trigger the lights but not have control over them.

Even more interesting is that the trigger is powered specifically by the light itself. So that means that it doesn’t rely on battery power at all.

The Photogenic receivers are available for $99 each, which if you ask us is a bit pricey. Especially for the fact that many Photogenic lights are now old and a bit archaic compared to more modern options from Profoto, Elinchrom, and Paul C Buff.

julius motal the phoblographer rokinon 8mm product shot-3

Ever wondered what the world would look like through the eyes of a fish? If you have, and even if you haven’t, the Rokinon 8mm f/2.8 II fisheye lens is here to satisfy that curiosity. With 180-degree field of view and a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 12mm, Rokinon’s lens is here to satisfy special purposes and give Go-Pro users an alternative. Like all of Rokinon’s offerings, it has an aperture ring and large focusing ring, giving you considerable control of the glass. And like all of the company’s offerings, the lens is a fully manual focus offering. [click to continue…]

Chris Gampat Shooting Landscapes (1 of 10)

Making your landscape images stand out from the pack isn’t exactly simple to do. In fact, landscape photography can either be the simplest or one of the most complicated forms of photography depending on how you approach it. It involves careful composition, lots of painstaking time, exploration, and commitment to getting the right image.

More than anything else though, landscape photography requires discipline. As a photo editor who views hundreds of images a day and goes through loads and loads of portfolio submissions, I can tell you what happens is that you often end up seeing more and more of the same thing.

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All images by Daniel Zvereff. Used with permission.

Photographer Daniel Zvereff was featured last year on the Phoblographer for his Introspective project. During that time Mr. Zvereff was on a tour of self-discovery that we’re sure many photographers and artists take. Interestingly, the project used Kodak Aerochrome to turn greens in his images into purples. Since then, Daniel has completed a number of other personal projects: with one of our favorites being his journey to the island of Faroe. Faroe is an island where there are quite literally more sheep than people.

Beginning a documentary project like this takes planning and lots of thought. So we chatted with Dan about what it’s like to be a documentary photographer and the Faroe project.

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