How To Choose The Right Street Photography Lens For You

Street photography, much like landscapes, nature and wildlife is generally a solo hobby niche for photographers. You can go out on the streets and just enjoy snapping images and documenting the city around you. It can be a fun way to enjoy photography while decompressing from a long day at your 9-5. But does a photography choose the right street photography lens for them?

If you are thinking about getting into street shooting but you want to know what sort of lens you should be investing in then you have come to the right place. By the end of this post, you should have a good grasp on the sort of lens that will work for you and the street photography you want to enjoy. Continue reading…

Bruce Gilden Explains What Makes a Great Street Photograph

Screenshot taken from the video

Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden himself spent decades perfecting his signature style of filling the frame with candid close-up portraits, making him one of the revered – and often imitated – street photographers in that arena. With street photography being one of the most popular categories today, it’s one of those genres many photographers take a stab at, albeit mostly blindly. To make things extra challenging, there are really no hard and fast rules you can follow to guarantee a compelling street snap; all those guides and photo books can give you is something you can start with. What you can do, however, is diligently and persistently practice until you get your own style, voice, and storytelling technique.

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Cheap Photo: Hundreds Off Canon’s 7D Mark II, Canon 70D

Who doesn't love saving some money, right?! We sure know we do, regardless of whether it is on bubble gum at the corner store or on some sexy new camera equipment from our favorite online retailer. There are always deals to be had and this week we have some great ones on big name products like the Canon 7D Mark II and Sony FE 55mm F1.8.

Today's highlight deals are:

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This Website Offers RAWs and JPEGs for Free

Photo by Wesaturate user maxigladkiy

If you’ve ever struggled with finding high-quality photos for your imaging needs, there’s a new website that offers to give them to you free of charge. This is the promise of a website called Wesaturate, founded by Seattle-based photographers Kash Goudarzi and Gifton Okoronkwo, and freshly deployed just this April. The platform claims to be a place where photographers can share and download RAW and JPEG photos for free, which can be particularly useful for those who are still learning the ropes of digital photography, or looking into purchasing their first digital gear.

“It’s great for anyone looking to download free, high-quality images and especially great for photographers who want to learn how to edit photos,” Goudarzi shared with us in an e-mail. “Another popular case is photographers downloading the RAW files of a certain camera before they decide to buy it or not.”

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Let’s Play a Game: Film or Digital? A Fujifilm Film Emulsion vs Digital Simulation Blind Comparison

Lots of photographers believe that the Fujifilm film simulations on their cameras really look like film. But is that true? To put this to the test, we're having a bit of fun before the weekend hits. This is a blind taste test, can you tell which images were shot with film and which ones were shot digitally?

Look through each section and then check out the answers towards the end.

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Photographing the Total Eclipse: Tips from My Last One in 1991

This is a guest blog post by Ellis Vener. All images and text by ©Ellis Vener are being used with permission.

Being in the path of totality during a total solar eclipse is one of the very coolest, weirdest, and most benign natural phenomena you can ever experience. As the eclipse progress through totality the air around cools, natural sounds change, and during totality not only does the sun go dark except for the sun’s corona’ extending beyond the edge of the moon, but the light in the sky and on the land, is like nothing else I have ever experienced. To say it is an awesome (a word which when used here means “extremely impressive and very different from anything else I have ever experienced”) experience is an understatement.

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An Inside Look at How Black and White Films Are Made at the Ilford Photo Factory

Screenshot taken from the video

Ilford, a long-time favorite black and white film brand with a whopping 137 years in the industry, is also a stalwart upholder of film photography in the digital age. Therefore, getting even a peek at how they make each prized roll is something that is certainly on every film photographer’s bucket list. For anyone who says film is dead, here's a fascinating video of fresh films being made that will prove them wrong.

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The New Voigtlander 40mm f2 SL II S Was Designed With Nostalgia In Mind

Photographers who like the look of Voigtlander as well as the functionality of their lenses will be pleased to know that a new Voigtlander 40mm f2 SL II S was recently announced. The predecessor to this lens was a very small pancake optic that could easily fit onto most DSLRs and even was offered with adapters for Sony cameras. But the new one takes a different classical design. You can liken its exterior appearance to old school Nikkor primes that one would get bundled with a camera. In fact, Cosina states that this was their intent: a nostalgic look.

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