Godox BT5800 High Capacity Battery Pack Keeps Your Speedlights Going

The Godox BT5800, a high capacity replacement battery module compatible with the Godox PB960 high-voltage power pack system for speedlites is now available for less than $100. The Godox PB960 is designed to power Canon, Nikon, Sony and Godox external flash units directly.

The most notable feature of the Godox BT5800 is the improved extra large 5800 mAh capacity over the original battery from the Godox PB960 having only 4500 mAh capacity. The Lithium-ion battery module is interchangeable, hence multiple batteries can ensure pro-longed, continuous shooting. Based on the product descriptions, the battery module includes LED power level indicator with three levels showing remaining charge, instant secure locking system, and a USB port for charging smart devices directly from the battery module itself. The battery charging time for each module is rated at 4.5 hours.  Continue reading…

Phoenie Chen’s Magnificent Images of the Northern Lights on Kodak Portra 800

All images by Phoenie Chen. Used with permission.

“Truth to be told, I have never really gotten serious about photography,” says Phoenie Chen in an email interview with the Phoblographer. “I take pictures mostly when I travel, once or twice a year. Both of my work and studies have nothing to do with art or photography. I guess photography is more like an escape from reality for me.” Phoenie first got into shooting photos this way; and she loves to use Kodak Portra. In fact, these images of the Northern Lights were shot using Kodak Portra 800.

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This Kickstarter Aims To Preserve Collotype Fine Art Printing

Wolgang & Holger are exploring an old analog printing technique called the collotype and they aim to revive a working print press with improvements to research its printing applications. Traditional methods are always succeeded by newer technology which promises more efficient, convenient, accessible, and cheaper alternatives–which has been attributed to the death of the collotype. However, it is also prudent to preserve the roots and present the history of technology to educate our future generations.

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List: 30 of Our Favorite Inspiring Women Photographers

All images used with permission in our interviews.

Over the years, we’ve interviewed quite a number of photographers. While the industry is very much male dominated, there are a lot of fantastic women photographers who deserve special recognition for the work they do. These strong women put a major emphasis on creating and capturing fantastic images that will inspire many out there.

Here’s our roundup of some of the best women we’ve interviewed over the years.

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Pentax 50mm f1.4 and Pentax 85mm f1.4 Lenses Teased at CP+

DFA 50mm F1.4

Ahead of the 2017 Camera & Photo Imaging Show (CP+) set to start February 23rd, some eagle-eyed Pentax fans snagged a “hidden” page on Ricoh’s website showcasing a new reference product that will be unveiled at the show. The site (translated from Japanese) notes a new lens currently in development with a tentative designation: DFA 50mm F1.4.

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UNO II Is A Special Backpack Style Camera Bag For Photographers

As photographers, I think we are always looking for a bag that better fits our particular needs, be that a larger bag to carry a ton of gear or a smaller bag to grab and go with a basic kit. One thing that always seems to come up is your bag either being too much or too little for a given task. Enter the UNO II: a bag that can be whatever you need it to be with interchangeable panels, according to the company’s claims. Continue reading…