No One Wants to Buy a Print of Your Photograph Because of This

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Hanging and Lighting printed photos in your home (15 of 15)ISO 4001-100 sec at f - 1.4

No one wants to buy your prints partially because of the fact that you (if you’re reading this), are most likely a nobody in the photography industry. That’s a very broad and general statement, but let me explain.

It’s a known fact that photographers have been printing less and less over the years. Part of it is because we don’t need to, and instead distribute images online through communities. This is inherently built into the current crop of photographers coming up these days. They understand Polaroids, but they don’t understand prints. Like, seriously, what do you do with them?

Of course, not all of us are of this mentality.

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Macphun’s Luminar Photo-Editing Software Adds Support for Macbook Pro Touchbar


Macphun, the folks behind Aurora HD and the Creative Suite, have released an update to its new Luminar app, adding support for the 2016 Macbook Pro’s Touch Bar. Apple rolled out the laptop in November and developers have quickly been adding features to their software to take advantage of the unique touch bar. Luminar follows suit and offers easy to access features such as: adding photo filters, quickly comparing photos, copying and pasting effects to a group of images, adjusting the size of the editing brush, and more.  Continue reading…

#MoreThanAnImage Highlights The Power Of Photography To Change Lives


As photographers it can be easy to focus on the technical aspects of photography; the gear we use, the settings that are chosen. These are the easy parts of photography to distill down to something that can be reconstructed by another. But the real power of photography and our power as photographers is in our ability to tell stories, to capture moments, and heal others through the light we capture.

Wex Photographic recently put together three short films highlighting British photographers for their #MoreThanAnImage series. The purpose of the series is to emphasis and look at the power of photography as a tool for change and healing. Continue reading…

5 Fixed Lens Point And Shoot Cameras For Professional Photographers

Photographer: Anthony Thurston

As professional photographers we demand a lot from our cameras: we need manual controls and the ability to tweak the settings to our liking, at the same time though, lugging around our professional gear all the time can be a pain. Luckily for us, these days camera companies are making some pretty great fixed-lens point and shoot cameras that come with all those features that we need, but in a small, compact, and easy to carry everywhere size. It is the best of both worlds for when the thought of taking your 5D Mark IV or D810 makes you cringe.

Today we will be sharing some of our top picks for fixed-lens point and shoot cameras that give professional photographers the tools they need to be creative and capture images they can be proud of – even with our professional caps on.  Continue reading…

7 Lenses That Really Changed the Photography Game this Year


Lens innovation over the past few years has mostly focused on pure image quality. But it’s obvious that we’re at a point where both cameras and lenses these days are so good it doesn’t matter. So lens manufacturers have needed to do something else to make them all much better. With that said, new innovations have produced better lenses, and allowed photographers to have even more creative freedom when working with them.

We went through our reviews and found a bunch that have come up this year.

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Photographer Joel Crane Wants to Create a Multi-Format Tintype Camera


Australia based photographer and woodsmaker, Joel Crane, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his unique custom-built multi-format tintype camera. A fan of many different photography mediums including 35mm, medium, and large format, Crane is using his passion for older methods of photography to create a modern version of the classic tintype camera. Unique to crane’s model is a multi-format design with swappable backs allowing different size images to be created from 5 x 7 and up.  Continue reading…