Review: Zeiss 75mm f1.5 Biotar – the LEGENDARY Original Version

When a door closes, a window opens. I was expecting to be loaned an M-mount lens, or at the very least, a lens with an M-mount adapter. Instead, what I received from the UPS delivery man was an Exakta-mount lens with a Sony E-mount adapter.

Exakta? I haven’t seen one of those since high school? I guess I won’t be shooting with a Leica M10.

The specific lens I was loaned was a Zeiss 75mm f1.5 Biotar (circa 1939 to 1960), which just happened to also be the same lens Oprema used to base the design of their new 75 Biotar. In case you haven’t heard, Oprema is the company that’s bringing back the 75 Biotar. They asked me if I was interested in writing about it. I accepted the opportunity, because I was curious. When I first heard the announcement, I was going to invest in an M-mount version of this legendary lens. But then, I discovered on eBay how much of a premium legendary demanded, and thus quickly came back to my senses.

Oddly in this case, legendary also meant the lens I was loaned came attached with a Sony E-mount adapter? That was completely unexpected. But then, it didn’t matter. In the end, it worked out all the same… opening doors with a full frame Sony.

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The Guide to Color Calibration for Photographers Who Don’t Understand it at All

When you get to the idea of calibrating your monitor as a photographer, chances are that so many photographers stray away from it simply because they don’t understand it. But calibrating the monitor that you’re editing on or at least editing in the same spot over and over again will really help you not necessarily create better photos, but create more consistency in the photos that you put out. In earlier times, it wasn’t as important simply because everyone had different displays. But these days, most photography is consumed on a mobile screen and therefore the screens are typically all balanced in the same ways when it comes to color. So ensuring that you get consistent color accuracy across the board makes a whole lot of sense lest you get weird shifts in your colors.

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Video: Joel Meyerowitz on Creating Unspoken Connections in His Street Snaps

Screenshot taken from the video

At a time when everyone has the means to dive into street photography, how do you make your photos different from everyone else’s? Joel Meyerowitz, another legendary name in the field, offers an insightful answer. As a New York City snapper, he’s a renowned pioneer of color street photography at a time when it was deemed amateur, and celebrated for his candid photographs that show his sharp observation skills. Meyerowitz’s frames are filled with people captured at the right place and the right time. It’s definitely a nod to the style of the photography legends who inspired him: Henri Cartier-Bresson and his decisive moment, Robert Frank and his famous documentary work on the American society, and Eugene Atget’s definitive work documenting Paris at the cusp of modernization.

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How We Find The Right Image Out of Thousands in Our Photo Library for Stories

The reason for this article has a bit to do with organizing and managing your photo library in addition to a reader request on how to exactly do something like this. Indeed, organizing your photo library has always been a pain and the only way to fix the problem is to have good practices to begin with. If you don’t have these then the long term goals are more or less pointless. I mean, how many images can you have names DMC_94749395? Or CR25853405534? Those don’t help you. Over the years there have been attempts to help organize your library by having programs and algorithms look at images and tell what they are. This is perhaps most popular with people. As most of the readers of this website do so from an iOS device, you’ll notice in your photo library that the system tends to find the faces of people and drops them into different albums accordingly not only based on their faces but also by location, time, etc.

Those systems can help a bit, but you’re still generally better off using and finding your own images.

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Cheap Photo: Get 11,000 Lightroom Presets For Under $50

We live in a preset world, and chances are that you use some in your workflow at some point. We use and have made our own, as well we have tested and reviewed many of the available options out there. But this deal we are telling you about today is just plain madness. How would you like to get your hands on the unlimited possibilities of 11,000 Lightroom presets for just $49?!

The deal is over at PhotoWhoa and includes color presets, black and white presets, film look presets, just about every type of preset you can imagine, this pack has it all. But it will only be available for a limited time, so jump on it while you still can if it interests you at all.

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Reports of a Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera System Continue to Come In

We still find it somewhat amazing that no one has yet challenged Sony in the full frame mirrorless market. It is to the point now that any serious contender to the FE system will need to be pretty great right out of the gate, as Sony has had many years not to perfect and work the kinks out of their system. One big idea that has been floating around is that Canon will be entering the full frame mirrorless arena, possibly with an EF Mount!

These reports first started in 2014 and showing up in 2016 with seriousness, and some reported even said the system may be launched as soon as 2017, but now the consensus is that this system may have been delayed to 2018 due to issues with the EF mount in a mirrorless form factor. This makes sense, the mount was designed for mirror based SLR/DSLR AF systems, and getting it to work with mirrorless systems is an understandable hurdle. However, there was a pellicle mirror camera designed for the system.

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Thibaud Poirer Showcases the Stunning Beauty of Europe’s Timeless Libraries

All images by Thibaud Poirer. Used with permission.

Photos of beautifully designed spaces are always a delight, but this series by Paris-based photographer Thibaud Poirer will especially make bibliophiles salivate. Simply called “Libraries,” the set is his homage to Europe’s stunning libraries which remain more than just book repositories to this day. If he sees them as temples of cultural worship and palaces of self-discovery, we can say that devoting his craft to showcasing their beauty is a form of utmost reverence.

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Winners of MonoVisions Black and White Photography Awards 2017 Announced

Screenshot taken from the MonoVisions Black & White Photography Awards Website

Fans of black and white photography, rejoice: the winning snaps of the first annual MonoVisions Black & White Photography Awards have been recently announced, and they are absolutely stunning.

From over 4,000 international submissions, a handful of Single and Series entries were selected for 12 categories, including Abstract, Conceptual, Fine Art, Landscapes, Travel, and Photojournalism. Dutch Photographer Kars Tuinder was awarded the Black & White Photo of the Year 2017 and $2000 cash prize, while British photographer Anup Shah bagged the Black & White Series of the Year 2017 and $3000 cash prize.

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