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All images by Brooks Sterling. Used with permission.

Photographer Brooks Sterling is based on southern California and specializes in lifestyle work. We’ve featured him before on the site after this video was made about him being an analog film photographer. Indeed, lots of his personal work is done on film but sometimes there is a small budget for it to be included in his commercial work.

Brooks talked to us briefly about surf photography, lifestyle work and shooting with film.

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Canon EOS 5DmkIII

Today in Cheap Photo, we’ve found a new deal on the Canon 5D Mk II with up to $625 in savings at $3,289. But there are also still Sony A7 discounts, lens discounts, and mirrorless camera rebates in place.

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Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.57.17 AM

The idea of 4K video lenses sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? With modern lens design being so incredibly good and able to resolve loads and loads of detail, why does it matter? Canon developed a video explaining the science behind these lenses in a very interesting way.

Canon’s video breaks it down into four different components and talks about things like lens coatings, contrast, MTF, and resolution. According to the video, the lenses have to be able to resolve a 9MP image of some sort–which pretty much every lens released since 2009 is very capable of doing since that’s when the megapixel war took a very big leap with the release of the Canon 5D Mk II’s 21MP  full frame sensor and Sony’s A900 24MP full frame sensor. But if lenses are too sharp, then they create moire (in conjunction with the sensor) and other issues.

What’s really cool is how they explain light loss when beams of light pass through elements on a lens and how coatings helps minimize light loss. The animated video on Canon’s 4K Video Lenses is after the jump.

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What food image are you most likely to purchase if you were a restaurateur or had to market food in some way or another? Shutterstock recently tried to find out what that trend is. Despite the internet’s love and affinity of bacon, that isn’t necessarily what sells.

The study divides each type of food photo into a specific category. So what sells images?

– Rustic looks

– Farm produce

– Mason jars

– Blueberries

– Smoothies

– Vegan food

– Butcher produce

– Sausages

But then the study continues to break it down into even more specifics. For example the JAckfruit and durians are amongst the most sought after images of fruits and veggies. Minas and Quinoa are most sought after for grains, ribeye the most sought after meat, mochi the most sought after sweet, and lots more. It’s a very interesting study that you should totally check out. But in order to make those food images look better, we’ve talked to more photographers about how to get better compositions and better food images overall.

julius motal the phoblographer darkroom photo essay-15

If you ask most photographers in Istanbul about where you can find a good darkroom, they’ll tell you to talk to Taylan Bağcı. He’s got a darkroom on the second floor of a nondescript building on a side street in the Tophane (Tohp-ha-neh) neighborhood. It takes a bit of navigational know-how and perhaps a Turkish friend or two to help you find it, but once you do, you’ll find yourself in a space dedicated to film photography.

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We’ve added more sample photos to our Sigma 150-600mm f5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sport Lens first impressions post. So far though, we tested it more for portraiture than sports, but we’re going to do so! With a flash, this lens shows off nothing else but pure sharpness, and even without a flash in good lighting. The image stabilization is proving to be quite effective, but man is this thing heavy.