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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer T3i T3 dslr (1 of 4)

For many years, the Canon 5D Mk II was an incredibly popular camera on Flickr. In fact, it was probably the most popular dedicated camera. However, Flickr’s newest stats on their Camera Finder page now show the Canon T3i to be the most popular dedicated camera. One of the reasons for this the rise of amateur and hobbyist photographers looking for affordable cameras for them to learn on. And with that said, the T3i is a great option. In fact, a quick Google search for the most popular DSLRs reveals the T3i to be the most popular camera amongst Digital Photography School’s audience. Further research show’s the Canon T3i to be Amazon’s most popular DSLR.

Of course though, it isn’t Flickr’s most popular camera.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Product photos Canon 5D Mk III (1 of 10)ISO 200

The new deals keep rolling in. Amazon has deals on Canon DSLRs, 25% off of select lenses, and more deals on mirrorless cameras. Plus we’ve got a massive Canon 5D Mk III bundle deal.

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Film dying away does not just mark the end of an era or a natural progression into the digital world. More importantly it affects people from their livelihoods to their relationships. Hero Av has shot a new short documentary that captures the emotional impact behind the closure of one Orms’ E6 process unit, one of the most well-known and last bastions for slide film development.

Located in Cape Town, it was a processing plant that many South African photographers visited to develop their film. Shooting slide film itself is a difficult challenge and so its closure earlier was heartbreaking for photographers whose entire livelihood revolves around shooting on the analog format.

“It was really like getting cold water over myself, because this was actually my last place to process,” landscape photographer Koos Van Der Lende said. “I really have to just sit down and really rethink my life as a photographer on film.”

Andre Eksteen, an Orms technician at the E6 processing unit also added, “There was a lot of trust that had to be put between the lab and the photographer, as such, and that is a moment that we are saying goodbye to. Nevermind just the process itself.”

The short six-minute documentary is a tiny glimpse at the human story behind the end of slide film processing. It’s a story that will pull at your heartstrings, so be sure to check it out after the jump.

Via Picture Correct

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Video thumbnail for youtube video The Video Shows the Difference That a Reflector Can Make - The Phoblographer

It can be argued that photographic reflectors are the most overlooked items that any photographer can use. More often than not, many tend to reach for umbrellas, softboxes, etc. But photographer Matt Granger created a video a while back about about how to use a reflector without an assistant. But what it does more so is teach many folks about why you need a reflector to begin with. The simple reason is because you need to fill in shadows. But the more complicated reason has to do with filling in shadows while maintaining an exposure on your camera for the highlights–which essentially means that your shadows will be very deep.

You’ll have to accept that there is nothing you can do about that in some areas of the image–but if you’re shooting a portrait then you need to evenly illuminate the face if your creative vision calls for it.

Granger’s video demonstrates this very well. Take a look after the jump.

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