2wenty Shares Words of Insight Via Long Exposure Photography


All images by 2wenty. Used with permission.

Photographer 2wenty is a long exposure specialist. He’s the artist behind The Man Made of Light, and he likes to take time to experiment and embrace the many possibilities that long exposures allow. For example, while we’ve all seen those image memes of actual photos and a special text overlay, that’s not exactly what 2wenty has in mind when he contributes to the trend. Instead, he straight up just goes and writes the message out on the scene itself.

“Sometimes I like to use photography more as an outlet for art than to just capture the moment.” says 2wenty in an interview email with the Phoblographer. “All the words written are based off real emotions or thoughts that I have had.”

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Kyle Kong: Strobist Portraits Influenced From Movies and Video Games


All images by Kyle Kong. Used with permission.

Photographer Kyle Kong is an editorial style photographer based in Vancouver Canada. “I’m specialized in shooting portraits on location with strobes.” he says about his work. “I like fine tuning my lights to make them blend in with the ambient so my subject get lighted naturally and beautifully. I used various light modifiers, shooting with multiple light sources and always trying to capture different mood and expression of my model.”

Considering how many of the most creative photographers featured on this site have drawn inspiration, it should come to no surprise that Kyle drew his love from video games and movies. But on top of scene building, he also believes heavily in the power of creating your own light.

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Julia Hembree: Putting a Feeling Forward in Expressive Portraiture

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 3.02.05 PM copy

All images by Julia Hembree. Used with permission.


“Moving to New York by myself was an idea that I many times said to myself ‘WHAT AM I DOINNNNGGGG???!?!?!?!?'” says Photographer Julia Hembree; a Brooklyn based creative that describes herself as always drawn to vulnerability. “I questioned if photography should be my career when I can get so fearful of failing, but what I have had to remember is that weaknesses can often be strengths. My personal work often deals with those weaknesses.” She loves nature, working with people, and finding a way to express herself through imagery. Using both surreal and project-based methods, her photography has a particular appeal to it that draws one in and makes them want to look at more.

“Shooting portraiture has become another way to identify and meet other people that fills me in a way that transcends where I live (although I do get to live in the best city ever) and what other side jobs I have to take on to pay the bills.” says Julia. “I am a recent graduate with the drive to create meaningful opportunities and experiences for myself and others.”

Julia’s story involves not only portraiture, but also a big move to the big city to get the big gigs.


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Madness of Many: A Story about a Cardboard Cutout Twin Sister


All images by Jessica Richmond and have been used with permission. 

Madness of Many is the name of this series from photographer Jessica Richmond in which she is photographing herself as she interacts with life sized printouts of–well, herself. We just had to know more about the story behind these images so we reached out to Jessica, she said “Photography has always been a process of experimentation and discovery for me, especially as a child. Curiosity drove my initial interest towards photography.”

The look and feel of these images, whether it be the harsh lighting or the printed ‘copies’ of herself, is just very raw, very authentic.  “It began with a specific process of photographing myself, printing myself life-size and then re-photographing myself with my printed, false double.” Jessica said when we asked her about the project. “I wasn’t sure at first how this would translate through a camera. It is a very fragile process, move a step to the left and the image falls apart. It takes a lot of tests and missteps to finally get it right.”

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On Translating Anxiety and Depression Into Effective Imagery


All images by Jonathan Higbee. Used with permission.

“For ‘Akathisia,’ my self portrait series named after a side-effect of SSRI withdrawal, the fact that there are many days where it’s emotionally impossible for me to leave the apartment into part of the series.” says photographer Jonathan Higbee. “All of the series so far has been shot in my NYC apartment, which is not only appropriate for the project — it forces me to be more creative considering the limited space, lighting challenges and immutable background.”

Jon’s story is one of the more incredible ones I feel I’ve brought to you all in a while. He struggled with depression and anxiety, then was medicated for it, and then tried to wean himself off of the treatment with the help of a medical team. The result for him is a very difficult one that he’s learned how to translate into images.

But he hasn’t only done this with surreal and conceptual work, his photograph is the cover of the  World Street Photography Awards 2016 book just went up for pre-order. At the moment though, he’s currently working on his Akathisia series; and has a lot to say about its creation.

My website (which only has my street work right now): www.jonathanhigbee.com


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This Magical and Gorgeous Bridal Session Involves a White Horse

View More: http://lacandellaweddings.pass.us/galia-lahav

All images by La Candella Weddings. Used with permission.

“Haha, working with a horse always makes things a little bit more complicated.” says photographer Angela Candella about a wedding fashion shoot involving a fairy tale inspired look and a splendid white horse. “Sometimes, the owner of the horse would wave carrots behind me to try to get the horse’s attention, but truthfully, he was more interested in eating the wreath around his neck, and also trying to eat the bouquet.”

Angela Candella is a very famous wedding and fashion photographer known for her specific creative vision, interesting use of colors, and the overall unique vision that she puts forward into her images. She’s won many awards, and even works in the wedding fashion photography space (yes, it’s a thing!)

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Cheap Photo: It’s All About That Instax

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 product images (2 of 10)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 2.2

Good morning everyone! In case you all missed it in a Game of Thrones induced bewilderment and bliss, Fujifilm announced the latest addition to their ever-popular Instax line, the new SP-2 printer, which offers significant upgrades over the currently still available SP-1. You can get all of the details on that here. But for today’s cheap photo we are featuring some Instax deals, as well as some other great deals.

Check them out after the jump.

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