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Concrete Cameras: Preserving the Fading Art of Film Photography

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All images by Alex Stanton. Used with permission.

“I absolutely love photography but don’t have much talent in that area so this is my way of paying respect to these brilliant cameras,” says artist Alex Stanton–a self-taught artist whose Etsy shop features cameras covered in concrete. But what would possess someone to cover a camera in the foundation of modern society?

Alex bought a bunch of cameras at a yard sale and kept them around as decorations for his home–the same way many people do. But after realizing how excellent they were and that film is slowly dying out, he decided to try to preserve them. “The concept of my work is that these cameras are petrified fossils of technology,” says Mr. Stanton. “If you were to dig them up or find one at the bottom of the sea floor a thousand years from now, this is what they would look like.”

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Non-Commercial Photographers Won’t Need a $1,500 Permit to Photograph U.S. Forest Service Land

Nikon18-300DX gservo-0344-20140619

Last week we reported on claims that the U.S. Forest Service would require photographers to pay for a ridiculous $1,500 permit to shoot in National Forest System lands. Now the U.S. Forest Service has come out to clarify this new policy won’t apply to journalists or visitors taking photos.

Tom Tidwell, Forest Service Chief, explained in a statement that permits would only be required when filming on wilderness land. “The fact is, the directive pertains to commercial photography and filming only,” Tidwell said. “If you’re there to gather news or take recreational photographs, no permit would be required.”

“We take your First Amendment rights very seriously,” he continued. “We’re looking forward to talking with journalists and concerned citizens to help allay some of the concerns we’ve been hearing and clarify what’s covered by this proposed directive.”

For the most part visitors or recreational photographers visiting and photographing the lands will not need a permit. That is unless they use models, actors, props, shoot in non-public areas of the park, or cause additional administrative costs.

The Forest service also added that the $1,500 permit cited by ourselves and many other publications refers to another proposed directive. Commercial filming fees still range around $30 per day for groups of three and up to $800 for larger Hollywood productions with a crew of 70 or more people.

Via Adventure Journal


Review: Western Digital My Passport Wireless 1TB

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Western Digital My Passport Wireless review images (1 of 7)ISO 4001-40 sec at f - 6.3

Every photographer would love their own personal storage cloud. And in a way, Western Digital is giving that to photographers. The latest entry to their My Passport line is the My Passport Wireless, which is a step below their My Cloud drives. The advantage of the Cloud option is that you can access your images from anywhere as long as the drive is on. But with the My Passport Wireless drive, photographers get a different experience.

Hypothetical situation: you’re with a client, showing them some examples of work that you’ve done for engagement shoots. But they want to see more and you only have around two loaded onto your iPad. Simply boot us your Western Digital My Passport and access any of them that you’d like.

For photographers, security is important–and having your own hybrid of a server, cloud, and hard drive in one is more or less a godsend.

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The Canon T3i Becomes Flickr’s Most Popular Dedicated Camera

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer T3i T3 dslr (1 of 4)

For many years, the Canon 5D Mk II was an incredibly popular camera on Flickr. In fact, it was probably the most popular dedicated camera. However, Flickr’s newest stats on their Camera Finder page now show the Canon T3i to be the most popular dedicated camera. One of the reasons for this the rise of amateur and hobbyist photographers looking for affordable cameras for them to learn on. And with that said, the T3i is a great option. In fact, a quick Google search for the most popular DSLRs reveals the T3i to be the most popular camera amongst Digital Photography School’s audience. Further research show’s the Canon T3i to be Amazon’s most popular DSLR.

Of course though, it isn’t Flickr’s most popular camera.

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Cheap Photo: Canon 5D Mk III Bundle Deal, and Much More

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Product photos Canon 5D Mk III (1 of 10)ISO 200

The new deals keep rolling in. Amazon has deals on Canon DSLRs, 25% off of select lenses, and more deals on mirrorless cameras. Plus we’ve got a massive Canon 5D Mk III bundle deal.

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You’ve Got a Couple More Days to Win a Sigma 85mm f1.4 Lens


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