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Dreamer II

All images by Mika Suutari. Used with permission.

Insomnia is a problem that plagues lots of people; but some photographers tend to use it to their creative advantage. In Mika Suutari’s case though, she doesn’t suffer from Insomnia–but her dark photo series is simply called just that because it made the most sense both in terms of looks and specific subject matter. Mika hails from Finland and tells us that she’s a self-taught photographer who learned by picking up a DSLR. Her love of nature photography eventually gave way to using the world as her canvas of self-expression.

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All images by Raffael Dickreuter. Used with permission.

Photographer Raffael Dickreuter is based in Los Angeles, CA. Originally born in Switzerland he has a diverse professional background in film visual effects, design, advertising and photography. While attending the Golden Globe awards a couple of months back, Raffael was fortunate enough to basically be in Robert Downey Jr’s presence–we specifically say that because of how the events that inspired “Iron Man Grounded” went down. Robert and Marvel’s Tony Stark are very similar characters, so when Raffael felt that Robert was essentially untouchable to mere mortals, he decided to create a photo project that puts the playboy millionaire in situations that are much more grounded.

And with that, Iron Man Grounded was born–right around the time that Avengers: Age of Ultron has been released. We talked to Raffael about the project and how he developed the scenes.

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Image by Reid Hannaford. Used with permission.

Photographer Reid Hannaford is working on a 365 project where he got the idea to create the image above. Reid tells us that he always tries to tell stories through his images; and for this shot he was trying to establish a sort of ethereal portrayal of someone who has been hanged and is no longer tethered to the earth. “The sheet around the face was to create a sense of anonymity and facelessness. I wanted to evoke a sense of distress in the viewer — as they wonder what is happening to the man in the image.” says Reid.

He inspiration came from René Magritte and his surrealist images. Lots of his images show off sheets over a model’s head. But Reid also says that he gets inspiration from lots of sources like paintings, films, music, poetry and experimental theatre.

As far as how this was shot, Reid uses a Canon 550D and a 50mm f1.8 with a tripod, remote trigger and a 580 EX II flash. “As of right now I’m 117 days in, taking a photo every day for a year. It’s been a transformative experience thus far, as taking images every day really pushes you to be imaginative with new concepts and work in sometimes less than ideal conditions.” says Reid. “Naturally not every shot of my year so far has been amazing, but I’m certainly growing as a photographer and artist and I encourage anyone interested in photography to try a project of their own. This image, “The Hanged Have Fallen”, is from day 105/365, and I definitely plan to do more surrealist work later in the year.”


You know all about the rule of thirds already, and in general it works. Sometimes, however, rules are meant to be broken. The way to draw someone’s eyes into an image isn’t extremely tough, as it has to do with what people already do when they look at scenes–try to make sense of them. Because of this, there are so many different ways of making someone pay attention to a specific subject in your photos.

Here’s how to draw someone’s eyes onto your specific subject.

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Sony 35mm f1.4 photos

Sony has been working on responding to the criticism that they don’t have enough lenses for their full frame E mount system in a similar way that Fujifilm did when coming out later on the scene: by cranking them out. But the Sony Zeiss 35mm f1.4 doesn’t feel rushed at all. In fact, it feels very timeless and beautiful. This lens has a very unique design with its aperture ring–it’s the first Sony lens to have one and is designed for videographers who want easier control over their lenses. Rather than fully building a cinema lens, Sony solved the problem by giving it autofocus abilities that also work well for still shooting.

With a metal exterior, weather resistance, and solid focusing abilities for its size and weight, there is very little for us to not like about this lens.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Tamron 28-300mm product images (1 of 8)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 2.8

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