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The folks over at COOPH have a brand new short video on the history of photography. It details important moments like the beginnings of camera obscura, the pinhole, the daguerreotype, Kodak, etc. It also includes names that you probably haven’t heard of or even thought of.

This video is easily consumed during a quick break, and you can check it out after the jump.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer A Street Photographer's Notebook for iPad Review (7 of 9)ISO 4001-40 sec at f - 5.6

Photographer Eric Kim has been delivering advice, workshops and lots more to the street photography community for years now. One of his latest videos though really stands out–it talks about composition in street photography. It starts out with some of the basic rules–and not necessarily the rule of thirds. Instead, it talks about the things that you learn in photography classes–the use of lines, shapes, geometry, etc.

The video is after the jump. It’s 49 minutes long, so you may want to check it out during a lunch break.

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First off, thank you to everyone for entering the Youth of Today contest between the Phoblographer and EyeEm.

So who won? Well Vladimir Gheorghiu, who created the winning image above, is our main winner. He’ll be receiving an interview about his work on the site soon. Congratulations! The runners up though are after the jump.

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Hey wedding photographers,

The Phoblographer is looking to feature wedding photographers on the site. You’ll be interviewed and we’ll talk about your creative vision, the business side and your story.

Details on how to apply are after the jump.

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Tim Cook

The iPhone surely is the most popular camera in the world, but Apple CEO TIm Cook just proved that it’s very capable of taking a terrible photo. Digital Trends reports that Tim tweeted an image recently from his phone trying to get into the conversation about the Super Bowl. But the image was super blurry due to camera shake. While camera shake can sometimes create happy accidents, this didn’t. Tim was probably a bit intoxicated and when very much in the moment, so he most likely didn’t even realize the camera shake.

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All images by Walter Rothwell. Used with permission. 

Photographer Walter Rothwell is a very interesting one. He’s a street photographer–and a damned good one. He’s also partially blind. Plus, he’s travelled and done his craft for many years now.

For some time, he lived in Cairo on and off working on a documentary but found the locals to be not very welcoming to street photography. “I have been photographing in cities for years but never experienced anything like it. I explored various parts with much the same result.” says Walter. “One of the more interesting, and unfortunately less welcoming neighbourhoods, is an area called Islamic Cairo, established over a thousand years ago the streets are intricate and maze like, they are also full of cats.” So, Walter started to do what most people prefer: photograph cats. So much so that he made a book of these photos.

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Hey folks,

The Phoblographer and EyeEm are teaming up for a brand new mission. This one is centered around not really food photography, but drinks! Coffee, tea, whiskey, beer, water, it doesn’t matter–if you can find a way to make it look creative, we want to see it!

Details for the mission are after the jump.

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All images by Michal Zahornacky. Used with permission.

When most folks think about surreal portraiture, they’re often thinking about lots of Photoshop work. But that’s not often the case with Michal Zahornacky. Michal is a professional fine art photographer from Slovakia. He draws his inspiration from various things in life and always keeps his eyes peeled.

Michal mainly focuses on portraiture, and to that end also does wedding photography. Overall though, his themes are to elicit specific emotions and atmospheres in his images. From his Behance, you can see that all this is clearly evident.

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