The Kingdom: On Black and White Film, and Finding a Home

We recently asked new Staff Contributor James Moreton to discuss his project The Kingdom, how he became interested in photography and why black and white film?

The Kingdom is a project based in the area of Northern Ireland where I now call home. Dalriada was an ancient Gaelic over-kingdom that stretched from the Glens of Antrim right up to Argyll and Lochaber in Scotland – at that time it was easier for people to cross the sea between Ireland and Scotland than to cross the hills over the land. For me personally, this project is a reaction to finally finding a place to call home; when I was 21 I had lived in 21 different places – so I am a bit of a nomad! When I moved here the landscape fascinated and intrigued me and I wanted to try and take a snapshot of my local community. I have a strong creative streak and desire to express myself, usually through photography, and this felt like a decent backbone to a series of pictures.

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Thomas Leuthard Uses the Kodak Ektra for Street Photography

Street Photographer Thomas Leuthard recently collaborated with Kodak on a special video using the Kodak Ektra–the company’s newest smartphone they’re billing as being perfect for the professional photographer. Thomas demos some of the newest features like Smart Auto but also showcases that the phone has modes like manual where the photographer can manually control the shutter speed, ISO, white balance, etc.

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A Mother and Child’s Perspective Looks to Tell Stories with Disposable Cameras

Photography has a lot to do with the photographer’s control to achieve results which have been planned and visualized beforehand. However, the intimate, beautiful, and priceless moments in life often happen at the most unexpected times, usually without the presence of photographers. Therefore, instead of actively shooting, Tailor Moore decided to let mothers and children tell their own stories by handing them disposable cameras to document a photo series from their perspective.

The idea for the Kickstarter project “A Mother And Child’s Perspective” was conceived when Tailor saw an image (the featured image of this article) taken by her three year old toddler with her smartphone. The photograph struck her as being purely honest and raw about both herself and of motherhood in general. It was a glimpse of what children really see in their parents from their perspective, and that’s how Tailor found the idea for this project. “It’s simple. I’m going to provide an opportunity for mothers and children to tell a story together, their story,” said Tailor.  Continue reading…

ParticleShop Wants to Help Your Composite Images Pop

For retouchers and compositors looking for a set of digital brushes that can transform digital images from great to amazing, Corel Digital Arts’ update to their ParticleShop plugin may be the tool to help them achieve their desired look. The latest update to ParticleShop adds over 100 new, ready-to-use brushes powered by Corel’s Particle Brushes to help transform your images with less effort.

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Creating the Photograph: Trupal Pandya’s “Heads were to us what Money is to you!”

Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers teach you about how they conceived an image, shot it, and edited it. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching readers how to light. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com.

Photographer Trupal Pandya is quite the photographer. He’s documented head hunters in Nagaland, and soon plans to go back to continue documenting these people in an attempt to keep a working record of their culture. But he’s also got room to bring other people, and those that wish to go with Trupal can sign up for his workshop at his website.

In this piece, he talks to us about how he shoots some of the subjects.

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Instaxxx: A Novelty Nude Instant Photography Book On Kickstarter (NSFW)

Kickstarter is for more than just new tech gadgets and interesting doodads as creatives from all over also use the service to try and help fund their projects of passion. Today we have just one of those such projects: Instaxxx. 

Instaxxx is a new campaign on Kickstarter for a photobook featuring a collection of nude Instax images from photographer Nate “Igor” Smith. Smith is a veteran of the nude and adult entertainment scenes, having shot for Hustler and RollingStone, as well as covered the AVN awards. He has published several books and zines over the years as well. Continue reading…

After The Kit: 5 Killer Lens Upgrades for Canon

Canon is still the top dog in this industry and no doubt many of you received a new camera over the recent holiday season, quite possibly a Canon camera. Today, just as we have done with Fujifilm previously, we will be taking a look at some of our picks as the top lens upgrades to grow your Canon kit following whatever kit lens you got with your camera (likely the 18-55mm).

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