Looking for a 40mm Lens? Here Are Some of the Best

There’s a trend amongst the photography community to start moving towards 40mm lenses. They’re the perfect balance between 35mm and 50mm lenses. They’re also close to being true normal for full-frame cameras. So what’s the best 40mm lens? Well, lucky for you, we’ve tested a lot of them. So we’re here to help you figure out which ones are best for you.

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Want a 40mm Lens? Here Are 3 with Stunning Image Quality

The 40mm lens is seriously something we’ve been happy to see make a comeback in the past few years. Folks over at Sony, Sigma, and other companies have made them. Honestly, the 40mm lens deserves to live right up there with the 35mm, 28mm, 50mm, and other lens offerings. And lucky for you, we’ve reviewed loads of 40mm lenses. We’re highlighting just a few in this roundup we think you’ll like. Take a look with us!

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Review: Zeiss 40mm f2 Batis (A Lens for Sony FE Photojournalists)

The Zeiss 40mm f2 Batis is rugged and has good image quality, but it’s in an odd place.

The 40mm focal length is one that photojournalists can truly benefit from; and in the case of the Zeiss 40mm f2 Batis for Sony FE cameras photographers will be quite pleased with the results if they’re discerning about their look. Similar to what Sigma did, with their 40mm f1.4, the Zeiss 40mm f2 Batis has a muted color tone for the film look. It isn’t as sharp, but it is also slightly more affordable, smaller, lighter, etc. This lens also boasts weather sealing, fast autofocus, and the signature display window on top to give the photographer a ton of information that they need right then and there. The working photojournalist will surely find the Zeiss 40mm f2 Batis to be a good lens for their needs; but at the same time this doesn’t feel like a Zeiss offering. Further, I’m a bit befuzzled at why Zeiss didn’t make this an f1.4 lens.

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