Film Photography Tutorial: Choosing Your First Ilford Film

ILFORD PHOTO offer the biggest and broadest range of black & white films on the market today. While this is perfect for experienced film photographers who love having a choice, we appreciate that it can be a bit confusing for people new to film photography.

If you are looking to try film photography for the first time and are wondering where to start, then you have come to the right place.

We should start by pointing out that there is no ‘wrong’ choice when it comes to ILFORD films. They are all fantastic, and your choice will boil down to a combination of personal preference (for example grain structure) and how/what you plan to shoot (speed and exposure latitude).

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Film Camera Review: Ilford XP2 Super Single Use Camera

Ilford has been making their Ilford XP2 super single use camera for a while now, but with the resurgence that the industry is seeing in using disposable cameras, I figured I’d review them. Call it a disposable camera if you will, but they’re the only black and white disposable cameras on the market with the exception of the new offerings from Lomography. Oddly enough, they were also designed to be developed C41 vs black and white. Well, that’s odd for some–Ilford XP2 can typically be shot at around ISO 50 to ISO 800 on the same roll and due to the process, the images will come out pretty well. The Ilford XP2 super single use camera makes a whole lot of sense for fun, but there’s also quite an interesting quality that would please me if it were used for concerts, documentary work, or even just weekend shenanigans.

Indeed, the Ilford XP2 super single use camera is very much the antithesis of what a lot of film photographers strive for with absolutely perfect quality and sharp lenses. Instead, this camera is a slap in the face to them–and instead it’s just about a look and getting a different reaction from your subjects.

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Ilford Releases New Single Use XP2 and HP5 Cameras

It seems that the analog world is still alive and well. Ilford, the company known for having some of the most beautiful black and white films out there, has announced two new disposable film cameras. Now, we’re using to seeing lots of these from Kodak, but they’re all usually in color. The two from Ilford are black and white; and they contain XP2 and HP5 film. The cameras are designed like this so that the images can easily be processed at any lab that does C41 processing. No word yet on the type of lens or anything else like that, but the units do have a flash and a retro style film body look.

Maybe street photographers have a new option? Prices will start around £8.99 which also translates over to $11.77 for us here in the US.