The Cameras of the World Press Photo Winners for 2022

The 2022 World Press Photo Winners have been announced, and the images presented here reflect a whole lot of what happens in the world. As an American, the images are fascinating to stare at. It’s impossible for us to see all these stories from the various media agencies. But it’s also often not fed to us. The images are incredible, and cement the fact that photography isn’t going to be replaced by video. Instead, photographers just need to strive to be that much better. As these photos display, it means we need to really get out there and document the world as it happens.

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We Updated Our World Press Photo Winners Post With More Camera Info

The myriad of cameras that were used by the winners of the World Press Photo awards for 2020 is mind-blowing.

Just over a week ago, we published the list of World Press Photo winners along with enough camera information to blow anyone’s mind. While other outlets posted just the images, we delved a little deeper into each photographer and found out what gear was being used to capture their awe-inspiring photos. The data was fascinating, and the huge variety of cameras being used told us lots about current trends in the world of professional photography. Shortly after our piece went live, we were contacted by a reader who helped us fill in a few blanks in regards to which cameras individual photographers used, and we have updated the post to reflect this. Join us after the break for all the details.

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