Need a Gig? We’re Hiring a Freelance Vintage Camera and Lens Expert

The Phoblographer needs a specialized Vintage Camera and Lens Expert for our continuing growth.

Hi folks! We know that some of you are looking for a gig, and so we’re sourcing the photo world for a vintage camera and lens expert. Our ideal fit for this position will have a working knowledge of vintage cameras and lenses. We’re not talking about just one camera system, but a lot of them. It not only has to be your passion but something that you very much specialize in. The Phoblographer pays fair (arguably lenient), ethical rates, and we’re known to even attract competitors’ writers because our staff is treated just that fairly. With that said, we have a very strict non-compete policy. The ideal candidate will also have some sort of sales background. Think you’ve got what it takes? We’ve got all the details below.

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What Photographers Look for in a Portfolio Website

I built my portfolio site with Squarespace.

I built my portfolio site with Squarespace. This is neither a sponsored post nor an endorsement. Well, it’s kind of an endorsement.

We talk about portfolios quite a bit here on The Phoblographer. You can check those posts here, here and here. Oh, and here.

It’s an important step for any new photographer looking to establish a presence online beyond various social media sites. Your portfolio a concentrated dose of who you are as a photographer. It needs to work well on a computer, but more importantly, it needs to work well on mobile. These are not our musings. This post isn’t about our musings. We reached out to Photoshelter and Squarespace, two of the more popular choices for photographers, about their approach to design.

But we also reached out to some photographers, too, to see what they use.

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Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Photography Site in Flash

Tons of photography sites are built in Flash. I would almost venture to say that most are.  Although building any site but most specifically a photography site this way makes little sense and less sense all the time, I see them every day. My only explanation beyond people not knowing is that it’s self propelled at this point – as in “everyone else is doing it” syndrome. Well here are a few reasons to consider other options when building your photography site.
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