These 4 Wildlife Photographers Have Encountered Really Scary Moments

“The main difference between wildlife and sports photography is that in sports photography, the subject you’re trying to capture won’t try to eat you,” said a friend of a friend who will remain unnamed. Something said in jest, of course, but the fact is that extra precautions need to be taken when out in the wild photographing animals. Despite taking these, sometimes photographers can be on the receiving end of some unexpectedly scary moments.

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Adam Jones Captured a Unique Photo of This Divebombing Barn Swallow

“Be open the awe and wonder of the natural world you live in, and you will never run out of subjects to photograph,” says photographer Adam Jones. Residing in Kentucky and shooting professionally for over four decades, Adam has encountered many wildlife subjects and scenarios during his career. However, even he couldn’t have expected the kind of hostility he met while trying to snap a barn swallow on his porch.

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How Paul Boomsma Risked it All to Create Unique Nature Shots

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“I used to put more focus on getting the image and not thinking about my own safety”, says Paul Boomsma about his initial days as a nature photographer. “This resulted in me being in a lot of dangerous and scary situations”. Nowadays though, he plans each trip meticulously to ensure his personal safety, as well as to not disrupt the surroundings he’s headed to.

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Olle Nilsson Photographs Nature in a Cinematic way

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“It’s not uncommon to be outside five days in a row and not get the shot you’re after”, says Swedish photographer Olle Nilsson about his extended hobby. On most days, he’s up long before the crack of dawn, in pursuit of animals in the forests of his vicinity. These early hours seem to pay off as he captures stunning images of the wildlife in Sweden. He considers himself to be a nature photographer, and in this interview, shares with us his optimistic hopes for the future.

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Will Burrard-Lucas Went on a Quest to Find a Rare Black Leopard in Africa

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“At night, it was always the black leopard’s eyes that struck me,” Will Burrard-Lucas remembers. “In fact, he was usually completely invisible in the black of night, except for his eyes reflecting brightly in my torch beam.” The wildlife photographer saw his first spotty leopard in Tanzania at the tender age of five. Just over thirty years later, he stood face-to-face with a rare black leopard in Laikipia, Kenya. With the thrum of crickets and the occasional call of a rock hyrax filling the air, their eyes met for just an instant before the panther slinked away in the dark. 

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Steve Stockhall Opens New Pathways for Photographers in Africa

Steven Stockhall - the Phoblographer - Elephants cross the Okavango.

All images by Steve Stockhall. Used with permission.

“It was a combination of studying the great contributors to National Geographic and spending time in the wilderness that led me to wanting to be both a guide and a photographer,” says Steve Stockhall, photographer and founder of Earth Ark Travel. Steve has quite the portfolio. He documented Prince Harry’s anti-poaching work protecting some of the destination’s last black rhinos. Plus, he’s photographed chimpanzees in Uganda and gorillas in Rwanda. It’s evident that Steve is passionate about trips that matter. Here, he offers advice for planning the ultimate African photographic safari. That includes what gear to pack and clever field tips that can be practiced at home.

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Wildlife Photographer Ralf Schneider Talks About His Poignant Animal Encounters

Keen on getting into wildlife photography? We bring some inspiring insights from German wildlife photographer Ralf Schneider.

German wildlife photographer Ralf Schneider has been shooting the beauty of nature for 40 years. But, it was only during this year that he added a feather to his photographer hat when his adorable photo of a napping Weddell seal made it to the roster of Highly Commended black and white photos in the largest wildlife photography competition in the world, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year . We wanted to learn more about how the outstanding photo was shot, and fortunately Ralf also obliged to share more about his insights from years as a wildlife photographer, including a number of his poignant animal encounters. If you’re developing an interest in this genre, we think our quick chat will be inspiring.

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Mindshift Gear Evolves Line with New Backlight 18L Backpack

Being able to access your gear without taking the bag off you is a key feature of the Backlight 18L

Yes, you are not mistaken: Mindshift Gear did just launch some new bags a few days ago, and we were as surprised as you, but they are back today with another bag announcement. This time in the form of the Backlight 18L, the next step in their extremely popular Backlight backpack series, which features the ability to easily access your gear without having put the bag down thanks to a special waistband. Wildlife, Sports, Landscape; General Outdoor Photographers will want to pay attention here because this is a bag designed with you in mind from the start – and you can tell. Continue reading…

Mindshift Gear’s New Exposure Bags Are Squarely Targeted Towards Outdoor Photographers

Mindshift Gear has announced two bags; the Exposure 13 and Exposure 15

Wildlife Photographers, Landscape Photographers; Outdoor Photographers in general. They all have pretty demanding needs from the bags they choose to carry their gear in. Unlike other niches of photography where spending time indoors can be a large part of the job, for these outdoor photographers being out in the elements and bearing the brunt of Mother Nature’s rage is just another day at the office. They need bags able to hold up to the elements and keep their gear safe.

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