Which One? Sony A7 or A7r?


With today’s announcements of Sony’s A7 and A7r cameras, folks might surely be confused about a lot of things. For example, one has a lot of megapixels but not as advanced autofocusing as the other. One camera also costs much less than the other and is currently the most affordable full frame camera on the market. The A7 will go for $1698 while the A7r will sell for $2298.

So which one is right for you?

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Which One? Olympus OMD EM5 or EP5


Today, Olympus is announcing their EP5 Micro Four Thirds camera. It is now the top tier of the Pen family of cameras under the Olympus brand and in some ways challenges the flagship from Olympus–the OMD EM5. Everyday, we see and hear about new people purchasing the OMD EM5, but if you want to go with the Micro Four Thirds system you’ll be able to now take a look at another very good option within the Olympus world (though Panasonic does offer some good selections as well).

At the moment of publishing this article, we’ve reviewed the OMD EM5 and have tested it in the long run. Additionally, some of our former staffers have sold everything they own to convert over to it. The EP5 hasn’t been reviewed yet, but there is more than enough to compare the two.

Editor’s Note: The EP5 is available body only for $999.99 in blacksilver and white or with the 17mm f1.8 and new VF-4 viewfinder for $1,449.00 in black or silver.

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Which One? Adobe Photoshop CC or Lightroom 5: An Intro For the Completely New Photographer

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Adobe Lightroom 5 beta Upright demo (1 of 4)

With today’s announcement of Adobe Photoshop CC and the previous announcement of Adobe Lightroom 5 Beta, we have a very good idea of who each product is tailored to. However, many people don’t know if they need Photoshop or Lightroom–and many by default just end up purchasing Photoshop. But if you’re trying to figure out which one is for you, here’s a quick guide that won’t get too technical.

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Long Term Comparison Review: Fujifilm X Pro 1 vs Sony NEX 7 vs Olympus OMD EM5

After an exhaustive amount of time, we’ve finished reviewing the Olympus OMD EM5, Sony NEX 7 and Fujifilm X Pro 1. Each camera has their own strengths and weaknesses and represents the pinnacle of what each company has tried to achieve so far in the mirrorless camera market. With all of them being targeted at the high end enthusiast/semi-professional, they all bring a unique set of features to the table that makes them all appealing to various types of shooters. But in the end, only one can actually be called the current king of the crop.

This post is a result of the findings of various exhaustive tests, the least amount of pixel-peeping possible, and based on how someone may actually use the cameras.

Now, let’s dive right in.

Editor’s Note: All of these cameras have had significant time to have firmware updates, and so we are updating our findings in bold and italics.

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Which One? Canon 5D Mk II or Canon 7D for Wedding Photography

The Ring Shot

We believe that the Canon 7Dand Canon 5D Mk IIcomplement each other very well, but questions have arisen as to which one is better to get all the shots on your wedding photography checklist. Go onto the most popular photography forums and you’ll see this question appear at least three times a month in one way or another. We’re aware that in some ways this is like comparing apples to oranges, but it is a subject that is well worth exploring. David Ziser concluded that he’d rather go for the 7D; but is that right for you? We’ve noticed readers typing this into the search bar of the site—so since the 1D Mk IV is out of range for many of you, here’s your answer.

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DXO Mark: Nikon D90 Bests Canon 7D

According to the DXO Mark, the Nikon D90 still beats Canon’s new 7D and competing product 50D. Despite the fact that the mark is only slightly, it is still worth noting that the 7D is quite a bit more expensive than the D90. This was found while browsing the /p/ forum board on 4Chan. If you recall, I mentioned this forum as one of the best places to get your photos critiqued. If the thread is still alive when you are reading this, then you’ll probably see the flame war between Nikon and Canon fanboys alike erupting.

Edit: For what it’s worth too, the 7D is still a better video camera bar none when coupled with the right items.

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