Field Test: The Nikon D7000 (Day 3)

The Pentax K-5, Mamiya RZ33, and Nikon D3 (from front to back)

The Nikon D7000 is a nimble camera, tough and straight forward. It has Nikon’s trademark field-ready ruggedness. It also has the right tools to work in a studio, with only a couple features, Nikon has reserved for more expensive models. Certainly, when working with studio strobes, it’s important to have manual exposure, manual white balance, and a way to trip the flashes (I used an Elinchrom Skyport wireless trigger which slide’s onto the D7000‘s standard hot shoe).

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The Quick Beginner’s Guide to Using A Photo Studio

At some stage in their career, every photographer will have need and use for a photo studio. It is the place where the photographer has almost total control of what is being photographed. Some are intimidated by the studio. This posting is for those photographers and by the end of it, you’ll probably understand and love the studio more.

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Quick Tips for Studio/Location Headshot Photography

I’ve covered social networking and headshot photography before and even covered some of the best equipment for the job. Now it’s time to actually work with the client. Depending on what they want, it could be in studio or even on location. There are some elements of photojournalism, or at least there can be, in on location shoots. I’ll be covering some extra tips for you here. If you’d like though, have a look through my portfolio as well.

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Hands On: Hasselblad H4D-40

Today, Fotocare in NYC allowed us to have some personal fondling time with the newly announced Hasselblad H4D-40. It’s quite the camera and in some ways even rivals the Phase One cameras that I’ve handled before. As a guy more familiar with Hasselblad and with the True Focus feature, I can tell you that I am truly stunned by the potential. With an 80mm lens, the camera is $19,955.

Edit: As time went on, this posting received many hits. Because of that, B&H offers the camera with the 35-90mm F4.5 lens, body only, and as a complete kit.

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