How Tammy Ruggles Overcomes Limited Vision through Photography

All images by Tammy Ruggles. Used with permission.

My name is Tammy Ruggles and I’m a legally blind photographer. To practice photography, I use a point-and-shoot camera set on auto, a 47-inch monitor, my former art education, and my remaining vision. I’m more of a fine art photographer than a commercial photographer. I’ve been an artist since the age of 12, mainly sketching. I studied art in high school and college, so art heavily influences my taste and style when it comes to photography.

As for my equipment, I use a Sony Rx100 set on auto, and prefer my photos be black and white, since I have a visual impairment known as Retinitis pigmentosa (RP), where high contrast is seen more easily by my eyes.

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The Best Cameras for Vacations and Travel: Point and Shoots (2017 Edition)

The best camera for a vacation: what could it be? Some folks will tell you the best camera is the one that you’ve got on you; but sometimes you may not want to risk bringing your phone with you even if your connection won’t work and your battery life will therefore work even better. Now, the best cameras can arguably be point and shoots. But we’re not talking about some regular, ordinary point and shoots. We’re talking about the really fantastic and top notch ones. Heck, call them a fixed lens camera more than anything else.

Here are a bunch of our favorites along with sample images.

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Meet the Hasselblad Stellar II, a Luxuriously Expensive Sony RX100 Mk II

Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Hasselblad Stellar II Product Images 4

With a name like Hasselblad, you know whatever they announce is going to be expensive. Now the Swedish camera maker has introduced the Hasselblad Stellar 2, a rebadged and slightly redesigned Sony RX100 that comes at a hefty $2,395. Mind you, the original Sony compact normally retails for $449.99.

Now you might be asking where did the extra $1,946 on the price tag come from? Well there’s the name for starters, the bit of wood (in olive, walnut, padouk, and carbon fiber) along the side adding a substantial grip for the camera, plus the new titanium finish. Here’s how Hasselblad justified the Stellar II’s high price from their press release.

“Hasselblad expands its compact camera line with the Stellar II, not intended to be judged against other cameras, rather, conceived and crafted exclusively for Aficionados, Collectors and Connoisseurs.

In a world of aesthetic redundancy – the Hasselblad Stellar II stands alone as a BOLD, yet refined expression. A rich palette of fine woods was utilised both on the camera and packaging, highlighted by unique finishes and details.”

Aside from some aesthetic flourishes, the Hasselblad Stellar II is completely identical to the original RX100. It sports the same 1-inch BSI-CMOS 20-megapixel image, 28-100mm f/1.8-4.9 zoom by Carl Zeiss lens, 1080p video recording, and integrated Wi-Fi as well as NFC. Check out more images of the Stellar II after the break.

Via PC Magazine

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Hasselblad Rumored To Put Their Own Spin on the Sony RX100


This one seems a bit too ridiculous to us, but it almost surely makes sense. Hasselblad is apparently going to be taking the Sony RX100 and remaking it in their own unique vision. This rumor comes from Photo Rumors, who cites and reminds readers that the company has been actively searching for a product manager.

So what will be different? Apparently, it will have a different housing body material and an exotic wooden grip just like the Lunar camera. By definition, most exotic woods come from North America, Australia, Africa, or Brazil. Deforestation, anyone?

Lastly, if you want one of these monstrosities, you’ll need to pony up over $1,000. We wonder if it will even be pocketable still.