Jonas Daley Takes Us on a Journey Inside His Infrared Imagination

“For a long time, I have felt drawn to wild and magical places, from the deserts to the snow-capped mountains of the Chinese landscape,” the photographer Jonas Daley tells me. “I am curious about the natural world, particularly the kinds of landscapes that feel unknown or mysterious in some way.” For more than five years now, he’s photographed the rolling dunes of the Qaidam Basin, a desert landscape surrounded by mountains, using a converted infrared camera to capture a singular location in all its otherworldly splendor. 

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Wasyl Art Captures the Soul’s Energy with Light Painting (NSFW)

“I appreciate the element of chaos that comes with fiber optics,” the photographer Krzysztof Wasylkowski, who also goes by the moniker Wasyl Art, tells me. “Happy accidents are unavoidable as I move the light through the darkness, but they always add to the photo’s magic.” To date, he’s created hundreds of portraits using fiber optic light painting brushes and long exposures in a darkened studio. These brushes produce ethereal whips and streaks of light that dance across the human body, according to the artist’s movements. 

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Olle Nilsson Photographs Nature in a Cinematic way

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“It’s not uncommon to be outside five days in a row and not get the shot you’re after”, says Swedish photographer Olle Nilsson about his extended hobby. On most days, he’s up long before the crack of dawn, in pursuit of animals in the forests of his vicinity. These early hours seem to pay off as he captures stunning images of the wildlife in Sweden. He considers himself to be a nature photographer, and in this interview, shares with us his optimistic hopes for the future.

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Don’t Trade in Your Sony A7III Just Yet, the Nikon Z5 Looks Pretty Gimped

The newly announced Z5 is Nikon’s take on the “basic camera,” but have they stripped it of too many features to make it affordable?

Today, Nikon is officially announcing the Nikon Z5. Part of the company’s Z-mount Full Frame mirrorless camera line, the Nikon Z5 is the company’s take on the “basic camera.” With that said, it’s competing in some ways with the Sony A7 III. Between its attractive $2,000 price point and its advanced feature set, the A7 III was very well regarded and sold like hotcakes. Nikon is going after the same crown with the Nikon Z5.

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Comparing the Dynamic Range of the Sony A7 III, Canon EOS R, Fujifilm XT-3, and Nkon Z7

Let’s see how the current flagship mirrorless cameras stack up against one another in terms of dynamic range.

In the future, when we look back on 2018, we will remember it as the year the photography industry moved full steam into the mirrorless world. Never before have so many compelling mirrorless camera options been available on the market at the same time. The Sony A7III was the first, announced back in February of this year at WPPI, and it was followed by the Nikon Z7, Canon EOS R, and the Fujifilm XT-3 being announced within days of each other that summer. Photographer Michael Andrew recently did a comparison of the dynamic range between these four mirrorless cameras in his latest video, which you can view after the jump.

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Sony Mirrorless Camera Guide: A Look at Four of Our Favorite Sony Cameras for Beginners to Pros


There is no doubt that Sony cameras have revolutionized the photography world, and now even with others in the Mirrorless race, Sony is still arguably leading the pack.

Sony’s lineup of Mirrorless cameras is incredibly exciting. From the Alpha 6000 series, all the way through to the A9 there are Sony cameras for everyone. Sony packs a whole ton of features into their cameras, and they’re continually pushing the boundaries when it comes to Mirrorless technology.

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