A Free Class on How to Develop Film At Home Using Dark Beer

All images by Juan Antonio Hoyos. Used with permission.

“At least here in Germany beer is cheaper than coffee and orange juice, so even if you go with a normal process not using chemicals, beer can be cheaper,” explains photographer Juan Antonio Hoyos to us in an interview. To that end, it’s one of the reasons why he’s been developing his black and white film with beer. Juan is a long time veteran of the analog photography community. And now, he’s teaching you how to develop black and white film at home using beer.

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Dave Krugman on Instagram, Communities and Geometry in Photos

julius motal the phoblographer dave krugman instagram 11

Dave Krugman came to Instagram three years ago with old cameras and a mild interest in the platform. It was there, however, that he saw work that energized him creatively, and he sought to meet the people whose work he found inspiring. Over time, his audience grew, and he managed to get on board with major institutions – the New York Public Library and the Metropolitan Museum of Art among them – to help them with their Instagram presence. Now, Krugman is the Social Editor at BBDO, and he’s been experimenting with Hyperlapse, Instagram’s newest creation. He’s partnering with Skillshare to teach a series of classes on it.

Here, he shares a bit his process, his growth alongside Instagram, and his story. Check him out on Instagram.

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Brenton Little on Mastering iPhone Photography

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

All images by Brenton Little. Used with permission.

Mobile photography has come a long way with new devices and better apps, but more importantly with talented photographers in the mobile space. Brenton Little has become one of these professional smartphone photographers who travels far and wide to take great shots using just an iPhone 5S.

Now in his latest mobile-centric adventure, he is teaching a Skillshare class on mobile photography and how to capture friends and new perspectives. While the class revolves around iPhoneography and editing images in VSCO Cam, it includes lessons that every photographer can use such as how to frame interesting looking portraits and how to effectively use natural lighting.

They’re all lessons Brenton has learned over the last four years since he first posted his first image on Instagram on October 23rd, 2010. “I didn’t have a DSLR, I just had an iPhone 3G and that’s where I started,” Brenton says.

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