Photography Cheat Sheet: Do You Know How to Expose for a Pet’s Fur?

Start shooting great shots of your furry friends and other animals with this extensive pet photography cheat sheet.

Photographing pets can be challenging at times, as all of us have likely experienced when attempting to capture the adorable moments of our fur babies. It can even be stressful for both the pets and the photographer. With some tips from today’s featured photography cheat sheet, all the chasing around and more will be well worth it!

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Incredibly Adorable Portraits of a “Catriarch” by Kristina Makeeva

All photos by Kristina Makeeva. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Everyone knows the power of beautifully captured cat and dog portraits (and how these photos can turn the cutest pets into Internet superstars). Anyone who wants to take better pet portraits, especially of cats, are in for a treat with the adorable work of Moscow-based Kristina Makeeva. While these feisty felines are often challenging to photograph, the results are rewarding, as she demonstrates in the portraits of her cat, Kotleta.

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Cone of Shame: Winnie Au’s Endearing Dog Portraits Will Melt Your Heart

The dreaded “cone of shame” gets an artistic makeover and meaningful purpose in Winnie Au’s endearing dog portraits.

Mention the “cone of shame” to any pet owner and you’ll be met with all sorts of stories about trips to the vet or groomers, and why the contraption was necessary. But in the ongoing personal project by Winnie Au, the Elizabethan collar becomes a work of art and a symbol of hope for dogs in need of surgeries. If you’re an animal lover looking for a unique project with a cause to support, you might want to check this out.

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Essential Lenses for Perfect Pet Portraits

Pet photography is a rapidly growing genre in the photography world thanks to more owners wanting quality portraits of their furry friends. 

When it comes to portrait photography all of us generally think about the classic images that portray men, women and children, but portraits don’t have to be limited to to just humans. Pet photography is a rapidly growing genre in the photography world thanks to more owners wanting quality portraits of their furry friends. Our four-legged friends all have their own characters and personalities, and many photographers are setting out to capture both of those things with perfect pet portraits. The question is, what are the best lenses to use to capture people’s fur-babies? Here is a look at the essential lenses for perfect pet portraits.

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Sophie Gamand’s “Flower Power” to Finally Join Your Photo Book Collection

Sophie Gamand’s portraits of adorable, flower-crowned pit bulls can now grace your coffee table!

Four years and countless features later, Sophie Gamand is on her way to turning her amazingly successful Flower Power series into a lovely photo book. While the project was successfully funded shortly after the Kickstarter campaign started, there’s still time for you to grab your copy and pledge support for her project.

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Aury Glenz: How to Shoot Better Pet Portraits


All images by Aury Glenz. Used with permission.

Photographer Aury Glenz has always been an animal lover. He is a wedding and engagement photographer, but also does pet portraits on the side. According to him, the secrets to better pet portraits has to do with the body language–and much of it can be in the ears of the animal.

We chatted with Aury about what it takes to shoot better photos of our furry friends.

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