My Job is to Make People Hungry (As a Food Photographer)

I don’t think black and white makes a picture better like a guitar solo doesn’t make a song better. If all the elements of a photograph are right for a black and white photo, then it will work. I used to be a big defender of black and white portraiture and street photography but one day I looked at my work and thought it was all crap and decided to try colour; the effect and power of a colour photograph was so intense that decided to turn everything back to colour.

If you look closely, on my portraiture portfolio, there’s a phrase that says “my job is to make people hungry” at first, it might look a bit out of place but when you think about it, It’s an analogy of what chefs do vs what I do; it’s the link that brings both crafts together. As part of the constant evolution of my website, I’ve improved my design by having a vertical scroll portfolio and chose break the monotonous pattern by throwing a few catchphrases/calls to action here and there.

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FACES is a Photographic Exploration of Personalities

TJP_Faces (7)

All images by Taylor Jones. Used with permission.

Taylor Jones is a photographer from Tacoma, WA and has been shooting for over 15 years. Though he’s mostly a wedding photographer, he also shoots other things like landscapes and even does personal projects to keep his creativity fresh. These personal projects are how FACES was started–which Taylor tells us is a project that explores people’s personalities and telling as much as you can about them in a single portrait. Very different from Environmental Portraits, FACES focuses on the face.

We talked to Taylor about how he brought out everyone’s personalities in each photo.

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Aury Glenz: How to Shoot Better Pet Portraits


All images by Aury Glenz. Used with permission.

Photographer Aury Glenz has always been an animal lover. He is a wedding and engagement photographer, but also does pet portraits on the side. According to him, the secrets to better pet portraits has to do with the body language–and much of it can be in the ears of the animal.

We chatted with Aury about what it takes to shoot better photos of our furry friends.

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Six Things They Won’t Teach You In Portrait Photography Class

The one thing that will teach you to become a better portrait photographer is failure. Typically, when you fail at something, you sit there and wallow in agony. Then you figure out what you could have done better and find a way to keep those mistakes in mind for your next project. Failure, trial-and-error, and perseverance will help you to create better portraits. That’s the first major lesson that they won’t teach you in portrait photography. Here are five more.

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