7 Years Later, the Pentax 645Z Is Now Supported in Capture One

Today, Capture One 21 is getting several enhancements ahead of the release of Capture One 22. To kick this off, some users will see a 500% collection load-speed improvement. I’ve known about this in beta for a while, but didn’t test it. I’m pretty sure that the folks who will see the most significant changes are using Apple M1 laptops. Then there are improvements with both Sigma and Fujifilm tethering. Capture One let us know exclusively about another big one: the Pentax 645Z will finally be supported.

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James Chororos Slows Down to Create Amazing Environmental Portraits

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“When you relate with someone you’re about to photograph, it gives you a base level where everyone is more comfortable”, says James Chororos about his approach to portraiture. Having dropped out of art school, he did his post-grad in architecture and worked as an architect thereafter. A few years later, he decided to give himself another chance at being a full-time artist and turned to photography in 2011.

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Opinion: Pentax, if You Don’t Embrace Mirrorless Tech, it’s Game Over

I have so much love for Pentax, but if they don’t jump into the 21st century soon, they will simply slip away.

Pentax and Pentaxians get a lot of hate and smack talk directed towards them for choosing to use cameras, that by many, are seen as antiquated. Let’s be clear, though, while current Pentax cameras may not sport the fastest autofocus systems, Mirrorless technologies, or the fastest burst rates; their cameras are still pretty great. Still, there’s no denying that Pentax has fallen far behind the competition. The camera market is now more competitive than ever before, and Pentax needs to figure out where they fit into this ever-evolving industry before it’s too late. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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What Could Canon Have in Store for a New High End EOS R?

Whatever Canon decides to do with the high end EOS R, one thing for sure is that they won’t be able to please everyone.

The Canon EOS R has been relatively successful for Canon since it’s launch, but the Canon faithful want more. Instead of coming out guns blazing, Canon played a safe card with the EOS R, and then laid down another with the EOS RP. But rumors about a new, high-end EOS R continue to swirl. If recent reports are to believed, it will be a powerhouse, but just what direction will Canon choose to go with it? Will it be a Mirrorless version of the high Megapixel 5DS, or will it be a tough workhorse like the 1DX that working pros have been clamoring for? Continue reading…

Food Photographer Lou Manna on Pixels and Pâté

julius motal lou manna 11

All images by Lou Manna. Used with permission

Pasta provides an ideal canvas for food photography. That’s what Lou Manna, a veteran food photographer, told me over Skype recently. With all of its texture and malleability, pasta can be styled in myriad ways, but Manna doesn’t arrange it. He leaves the styling to the chefs and food stylists, and they leave the photographing to him.

Manna’s photographic career has spanned over 30 years from photography, from photo clubs in high school and college to a 15-year stay at the New York Times to the food photography he’s known for now. After transitioning from film, Manna shot mainly with Olympus cameras before moving to a Canon 6D and 60D in recent years.

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