How to Break My Heart: SuperSense One Instant Peel Apart Film Review

SuperSense One Instant Peel Apart Film is a solid try, but this should have been a black and white film.

The SuperSense One Instant Peel Apart Film is a product that good ol’ Doc made to try to keep Peel Apart film alive. A few years ago, Fujifilm announced that they’d be killing that format. After that, Doc took to Kickstarter with SuperSense to create the One Instant Film pack. Like many who read this site, I bought it on Kickstarter. Mine arrived in September of 2019, and I only got time to test it this June when the conditions were right: it was warm, there was lots of light, and the industry isn’t erupting with one announcement after another. Unfortunately, my heart is broken by the two packs I bought–each with three shots. Supersense can save this by creating a low ISO black and white film. And if they do that, it would be pretty unique. But from my first experience with it, I’m not sure how I feel.

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Video: SuperSense One Instant Packfilm Is a Major Disappointment

The SuperSense One Instant packfilm is disappointing in so many ways.

Years ago, Fujifilm discontinued their peel-apart film–otherwise known as packfilm. It was instant and for years had been used by professionals shooting film to get a preview of their exposures. But, it experienced a bit of a revival when people started to get back into Instant film. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep it alive. And Fujifilm instead does Instax. But, the folks over at SuperSense decided to recreate it themselves. They’re a small team mostly working on a passion project–and it shows. I personally backed their Kickstarter a while back and received my film last year. But we were super busy, and it was frigid out, so summer 2020 just seemed like the best time to test is. So how did it do? Well, I’m pretty sad.

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This Nearly $7,000 Pack of Polaroid Film was Signed by Andy Warhol

The great photographer and artist Andy Warhol had a major affinity for Polaroid film and here’s some extra proof.

Photographer Andy Warhol and his love of Polaroid film is no real secret if you pay attention to history. This recent find on eBay is a major treasure for any fan of Polaroid, Instant film, or even Warhol himself. Also known as the creator of Pop Art, Andy is also closely known for his many Polaroid photos shot over the years–some were taken in his studio while others were shot at parties almost Photo Booth style. Said “treasure” is none other than a pack of Polaroid film signed by Andy himself. Technically, one could argue that this belongs in a museum. But on the other hand, it would make much more sense in the collection of a photographer or a designer.

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New55 and Florian Kaps Announces Alternative to Fujifilm Peel Apart Film

When Fujifilm announced that they’d be killing the last of their peel apart film, the analog photography world wept. But today, New55 and Florian Kaps are announcing a team up with David Bohnett to rescue the film. In an upcoming Kickstarter campaign, the collaborators will be working together to try to bring the film back to life in the same way that Florian and the Impossible Project did for Polaroid film. This new version will be put out under New55 as a positive/negative instant film.

The press release below has all the details.

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Fujifilm to Discontinue Production of FP-100C 4×5 Peel-Apart Film

Fujifilm-FP100C-45-10 Here’s another letdown to film users everywhere. Fujifilm maybe doing the world a lot of good with their X-Series cameras that continue to amaze the photographic community but it seems they’re unwilling to do the film community any favors. They have already announced the discontinuation of production of the beloved FP-3000B 3×4 peel apart films in November and it seems they’re not changing their minds anytime soon, despite protests and a worldwide petition from users and fans. Now, they’ve also just made official the discontinuation of the FP-100C 4×5 film. According to a notice they left tucked away in their Japan site dated February 12, 2014, the “instant color film FP-100C 45 will be discontinued as soon as our inventory is gone.” To defend their decision, they claimed:

Fujifilm has continued to corporate efforts so far in order to continue to provide instant peel-apart type of (peeling method) film, but the demand of the film has been declining every year dramatically, and production in the sales volume of current able to continue is becoming difficult. For this reason, we will terminate the sale as follows of necessity.

What’s worse is Fujifilm is apparently refusing to answer any inquiries on possibly selling the machinery they use to produce the cult favorites. According to Japan Camera Hunter, there have been serious interests from several groups to buy but claims that the company has been hard to reach on the matter. The one good news is the regular FP-100C is not being discontinued, as confirmed in the notice. Well, at least, not just yet.

Via Japan Camera Hunter