Matt Yessian Is Passionate About Being Family Documentarian

All images by Matt Yessian. Used with permission. Matt was a runner up in our recent contest with Leica.

“The earliest memory of the medium was from my grandfather,” passionate photographer Matt Yessian tells us. “He shot with a Canon AE-1 and let me play around with it (I still have it!). He took a lot of pictures and would do a good job of telling a story in each photo.” Matt continues to tell us that he found inspiration in National Geographic and Life magazine when growing up. But he also admits that he got into it to impress his former boss. Now he brings his Fuji cameras with him everywhere.

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Timothy Ozimec Shot Beautiful Milky Way Photos with Sony Xperia 1 II

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“…it’s like I’m uncovering the secrets of the universe and seeing the impossible,” says passionate photographer Timothy Ozimec. “What appears to the naked eye as a few hundred white dots in a black sky are revealed to be a veritable sea of stars among the cosmic latte plane of the Milky Way.” What’s more, Tim gets these images using the Sony Xperia 1 II smartphone, announced earlier this year. It’s opened his eyes to what could be possible with a more serious camera.

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The Most Fun I’ve Had. Hasselblad 907X 50C Review

The Hasselblad 907X is a positively fantastic, retro feeling JPEG camera that can shoot RAW, but shouldn’t.

How many of you would believe me if I told you that the Hasselblad 907X 50C is an excellent JPEG camera? Many would probably clamor for my head on a stake. Others wouldn’t believe me. And yet some would agree with me. Of course, a medium format camera is bound to deliver great JPEG photos, but I’m shocked at how good they can be. Granted, the Hasselblad 907X is an over $6,000 medium format camera. It boasts retro looks and feels. And best of all, it’s pretty petite. And if you’ve got the extra dough, you’ll be pretty pleased with it.

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