Will the New Lumix S5 Signal The End of Panasonic’s M4/3 Journey?

Lumix S5

There’s a chance that the smaller, lighter, feature-packed Full Frame Lumix S5 from Panasonic could kill off their Micro Four-Thirds cameras.

There’s about to be another new entry-level Full Frame camera in town in the flavor of the Lumix S5 from Panasonic. The launch event for this new L mount camera has been set for September 2nd, 2020. And while this is certainly exciting, the chirp of crickets from Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds division is deafening. The Lumix S5 is a mini S1, and if speculation is to be believed, this camera will have the same great video features as it’s bigger brother, but it will be packed into a significantly lighter body. If this is the case, it will leave cameras like the long in the tooth GH5s behind, and it may well be the start of the curtains closing on Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds journey. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Opinion: Should Panasonic Stay With Micro Four Thirds?

Panasonic is going to have to figure out where their loyalties lie if they want to succeed in the ultra-competitive Mirrorless camera market.

Ever since Panasonic and Olympus joined forces to forge ahead with the Micro Four Thirds platform in 2008, Panasonic has released some genuinely fantastic M4/3 cameras that showed the world what the platform was capable of. All was going well, and then, in 2018, Panasonic decided to jump into bed with both Sigma and Leica to form the L Mount Alliance while still having relations with Olympus. 2019 saw Panasonic’s first full-frame Mirrorless cameras launch (the S1, the S1R, and the S1H), and since then, things have gone very quiet on the Micro Four Thirds front. It appears that a time may be coming when Panasonic will need to decide where its loyalties lie. Do they stick with Olympus and Micro Four thirds? Do they go all-in with the L Mount Alliance? Or, do they try to somehow strike a balance between the two without being stretched too thin?

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