Seven Reasons Flash Is Superior to Natural Light for Portrait Photography

Do you want more or less control over your lighting when photographing portraits?

With the number of portrait photographers proclaiming that they only shoot in natural light perplexingly on the rise, one begs to question why someone wouldn’t want to have full control over how they lit their portrait subjects. This is something that photographer Craig Beckta addressed in his latest video, where he shares the seven reasons why he believes flash is better for portraits than natural light.

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Review: Chimera Softbox Octa Speedring for Canon Speedlites and Nikon Speedlights

Like many of you, I use on-camera flashes. In fact, I love them. If I don’t want to carry a giant monolight out, a speedlite (or speedlight for you Nikon users) can get the trick done with some use of the inverse square law and some smarts. I currently own the Photogenic SB2432 softbox that I absolutely adore. Adapting it required a bit of some trickery. But by using the Chimera Octa Speedring with on-camera flash adapter, I can actually use nearly any softbox there is with the exception of Westcott’s.

But is it really everything I need?

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