Nikon Could Launch the D400 or D4X on January 17 in Dubai

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Happy day after Christmas folks, now that the holidays are over there’s news of possible successors to the full frame Nikon D4 and crop sensor Nikon D300s. The Dubai Photo Club spotted a Nikon Facebook post that suggests Nikon’s latest DSLR will be set for launch on January 17, 2014. In the same post Nikon challenged photographers to answer the following questions as part of its “Heart of the Image” contest.

What makes your heart race?
What makes your heart skip a beat?
What warms your heart?
Is it speed and adrenaline, the thrill of excitement, or the emotion of the moment?

Unless this is Nikon’s strange attempt at wooing photographers, the Japanese camera company will most likely release another camera. Similar to the eerily personal campaign that teased the Nikon Df, the DSLR maker is out to challenge camera shooters to capture a “breathtaking image that makes your heart beat.” The lucky winner of this contest will get the chance to own one of Nikon’s latest DSLRs.

At the end of the contest, Nikon plans to hold a special multimedia exhibit at the Dubai Mall showing off the work from the 12 qualifiers. It’s likely we’ll see the new Nikon DSLR announcement at the same event and interestingly enough Nikon Rumors just reported that NPS Japan stopped selling Nikon D4 cameras through its equipment exchange program. This recent development adds credence to the possibility of a new Nikon D4x. Other parts of the photography community also speculate that this new camera could be the long awaited D400, a successor to the D300s.

Via SLR Lounge

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Editor’s Note: This is a joint posting written by Editor in Chief Chris Gampat and Lead Analyst Matt Beardsley.

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